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Rolls-Royce Release Notes – May 2019

The release of Rolls-Royce Supply Chain Platform 19.1 consists of UI modernization while maintaining the core functionality of Rolls-Royce SCP. 

UI upgrade

In short, the Rolls-Royce SCP upgrade includes improvements to the overall UI design.

  • The static left-side menu has been replaced with a drop down selection feature to increase the amount of data displayed to the user.
  • The number of displayed columns on details and search pages will increase or decrease based on the screen resolution for a more responsive design.
    • Button display has replaced the limited appearing action buttons with now showing all action buttons consistently.  Available options for action will be dynamically based on the line item state of the users selected items.
    • The user has the ability to view or hide records with a count of zero on the My Workspace and Exception pages.
    • The Harmony upgrade will display the total number of exceptions based on severity as well as the cumulative number of exceptions.

New Functionality


Bookmarks have been replace with Favorites. Favorites gives the users the ability to save their searches and pages as favorites in the top navigation in order for quick access to the search.


In Rolls-Royce SCP 19.1, users can start typing the order number, and a list of selections will appear that match the text that they’ve entered. 

  • The user does not have to know the entire order number but only the first few numbers or letters.
  • The last five searches the user entered on the field will appear when the user clicks on the search field before entering any data.


Rolls-Royce SCP contains a new sub-search functionality. Sub-search allows users to refine search results by entering additional information into the workflows defined search criteria’s.  The sub-search functionality is on the “List” pages of the following workflows:

  • Forecast/Commit
  • Delivery Schedules
  • Purchase Orders
  • Outline Agreement
  • Shipments
  • eInvoice
  • Receipts   
  • PDF Invoice

List page Table Editor

Table editor options have now been expanded to allow:

  • Left side frozen columns are now configurable
  • Ability to change the frozen states of the default columns on the left side
  • Remove or replace default defined frozen columns on the left side
  • Reorganize order and resize to accommodate important information and large values

Audit History Details

The audit details page now contains a transaction details page.  When the user clicks on the eye-shaped icon located next to individual transactions, a page will appear containing further details about the document.  This functionality is available for Purchase Orders, Shipments, Delivery Schedules, Outline Agreements, Receipt, eInvoice and PDF Invoice.