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Lockheed Martin and Exostar Partnership

Why is Lockheed Martin partnered with Exostar?

Lockheed Martin is partnered with Exostar to add a layer of security using a method called 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). As cyber attacks against the Aerospace and Defense industry continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, Lockheed Martin is focused on addressing risks associated with its supply chain

Organization Administrators No Longer with Organization

If you do not have a MAG account and need to update the Organization Administrator, please contact Exostar Customer Support first. If you do have a MAG account, please follow the instructions outlined below.

If your account’s Organization Administrators need to be changed for your company’s Exostar account, please follow the steps below, if you have a MAG account:

Step 1.  Log into Managed Access Gateway (MAG) at

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab. Click the View Organization Details link.

Step 3.  Check the Organization Administrators section of this page to view the current administrators.

NOTE: If any individuals listed here are still with the company, you do not need to contact Exostar regarding an Admin Change. If you require new users or administrators to be added to the account, contact these individuals first.

Step 4.  If none of the individuals listed here are still with the company, contact Exostar Customer Support to report change and request a Docusign change request form.

NOTE: The form is sent via email along with a case number to track the request.

Step 5.  Click View Documents in the received email. A pop-up displays with the Docusign Change Request agreement. 

Step 6.  Check the box for, I agree to do business electronically with Exostar LLC

Step 7.  Review and complete the form. Include the Organization NameExostar ID and Organization ID.


    • When requesting an Organization Administrator change and you have an existing MAG account, ensure you include your existing user ID in the User ID field. Failure to do so may result in creation of a new account.  
    • If an existing Organization Administrator is still active and you are requesting an Organization Administrator change, complete the form and include a letter on company letterhead. The letter must include a statement about the replacement request for the current Administrator, who the new Administrator is, and the non-compliant account will no longer be accessed. The existing Administrator accounts are deleted.  

Step 8.  Complete the Authorization/Change Requestor section at the bottom of the form. Click Sign Here and complete document signing.

Step 9.  Click Finish. The request routes to Exostar and is tracked via the case number.

NOTE:  The form expires within three days of receipt. If you require assistance with form completion, contact Exostar Customer Support. 

Unable to Access Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P)

If your organization already has a MAG account, but you need a user account, please work with the Organization Administrator in your company to have your user account created. 

To access the applications, request access from your Home dashboard. The Application Administrator from your company is responsible for approving your access.  To look up the names of your company administrators:

Step 1.  Navigate to the My Account tab in MAG, click View Organization Details.

Step 2.  Scroll to the Application Administrators section and review the Application column to locate the correct Administrator.

Unable to Login with Activated Phone OTP 

If you logged into your MAG account and are not prompted to enter the OTP verification code:

Step 1.  Clear your Internet Explorer cache.  From the Tools tab of your Internet Options window, select the option to Delete Browsing History and check the following boxes: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History

NOTE: Please ensure Preserve Favorites website data is NOT checked. 

Step 2.  Close all Internet browsers and open a new Internet Explorer browser. 

Step 3.  Please avoid using links or saved favorites, as these can sometimes cause errors.  Go to and try logging in again with your Phone OTP. 

NOTE: If this does not work, please try logging in using a different browser (e.g. Chrome).

Reset MAG Password

In order to reset your MAG password, you need to remember your security questions and answers. 

Step 1.  Go to and click the Forgot Password link (above Login button).

Step 2.  Enter your User ID and click Continue

Step 3.  Answer your security questions and click Continue to complete.  The password is sent to the email address listed on your account. 

NOTE: If you don’t know your security questions and answers, click the Forgot Security Questions/Answers link.  Enter the email address and zip code listed on your account and click Continue to complete.

Unable to Login with Third-Party Credentials (DoD CAC, NASA PIV or NGC OneBadge)

If you are unable to log in with your linked smart card: 

Step 1.  Open Internet Explorer and click Tools

Step 2.  Select Internet Options, click the Content tab, and select Certificates. 

Step 3.  To confirm your identity certificate is listed, go to the Personal tab, verify the identity certificate displays and is unexpired. 

Step 4.  To ensure security settings are properly set up, go to the Security tab and select Custom Level. From the list of settings, locate Don't prompt for Client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists and verify this is set to Disable

Step 5.  Clear your Internet Explorer cache.  From the Tools tab of your Internet Options window, select the option to Delete Browsing History and check the following boxes: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History

NOTE: Please ensure Preserve Favorites website data is NOT checked. 

Step 6.  Close all Internet browsers and open a new Internet Explorer browser. 

Step 7.  Please avoid using links or saved favorites as these can sometimes cause errors.  Go to   If you are not prompted for your certificate, select Digital Certificates (Hardware) under Advanced Login Options.  You should now be prompted to login using your smart card. 

Locked Out of MAG Account

If you need to access your MAG account before the 15 minute lockout period is over, please contact your account’s Organization Administrator to have your password reset.

Dun and Bradstreet Changes to TPM Profile

Exostar receives all data for the fields marked with the D&B icon from Dun & Bradstreet.  Exostar, Lockheed Martin, and users cannot edit these fields. If any information is incorrect, please contact D&B directly via phone at 1-800-234-DUNS(3867) or visit

Unable to Complete TPM Recertification

I am unable to complete the TPM Recertification process for my organization, why?

In order to complete the recertification process, you much be an administrator for your organization. If recertification needs to be completed, to verify your organization's administrators:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG user account.

Step 2.  Select the My Account tab.

Step 3.  Select the View Organization Details link.

Step 4.  Locate the Organization Administrators section and the Application Administrators section and review the names provided.