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Step 1. Register with Exostar

In order to access Boeing Portal (BP), you must have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account, as well as a One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token with proofing credential.

Step 2.  Complete First-Time Login

After you register and Exostar approves your access, you receive an email with your login credentials and instructions on how to complete first-time login.  

Step 3. Obtain Credentials

During the account activation process, you are prompted to purchase the OTP Hardware token with proofing credential. Please follow the steps below to complete the credentialing process:

  1. Complete purchase via Exostar's web store.
  2. Activate credential in MAG user account.
  3. Register your phone in MAG user account.

Step 4.  Accept Terms and Conditions

The user designated as the administrator for your company, usually the first person registered, must agree to the BP terms and conditions before anyone can access the solution. 


Step 5. Access Application

Once you complete your account registration, set-up your OTP Hardware Token, and accept the BP Terms and Conditions, select Open Application next to Boeing Portal on your MAG Home tab.