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Boeing Supply Chain Platform (BSCP), is a comprehensive, hosted solution that enables visibility of operations and supply chain activity. The solution provides a real-time, end-to-end picture of supply and demand performance with built-in decision support tools. Unlike traditional in-house applications, BSCP takes information from all participating organizations, making it easier to align supply chain execution with demand.

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  • Decrease supply chain transaction times and effort - electronic communication of data plus the ability to manage by exception makes the whole end to end process faster 
  • Improve accuracy of supply chain information - information is pulled from one BSCP document type to another where relevant, preventing re-keying errors
  • Provide status of invoices and shipments - both buyer and supplier can see the level of progress, which reduces follow-up calls/e-mails
  • Improve collaboration on demand forecasts - supplier can efficiently view and download forecast data to improve accuracy of production and supply requirements
  • Manage by exception - only items that fall outside of normal parameters need attention focused on them
  • Reduce potential shortages - by better sharing of accurate information

Roles and Responsibilities

SAdmin: administrator has the following responsibilities:

  • Read/Write access to all business workflows in BSCP, supplier master data attributes, and user-role management for Supplier and Supplier Preferences

SUser: regular user has the following responsibilities:

  • Appropriate Read/Write access necessary to manage relationship with Boeing
  • Includes access to initiate or change Order Responses, Shipments, Invoices 

SShip: shipper has the following responsibilities: 

  • Read-only access to all workflows, with Read/Write access on Shipments (to create and update ASN per state transition rules) 
  • Role has visibility to all other transactions, but no Write permission for any of them

SView: viewer has the following responsibilities: 

  • Read-only access necessary to manage the relationship with Boeing 

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