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Credential Types

What types of credentials does Exostar offer?

    • Standard username/email and password
    • One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token with or without identity proofing
    • Phone One Time Password (OTP) with or without identity proofing
    • Exostar Mobile ID Bundle (powered by Authy™), includes Phone OTP and Exostar Mobile ID with or without identity proofing
    • Federated Identity Service (FIS) Digital Certificates (Basic (BLOA), Secure Email, Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Software and Hardware)
    • Exostar’s Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) solution

Credentials by Partner and Application

How do I know what credential to purchase?

The credential type is dependent upon the security requirements for the application you are accessing. Please review the table below, and if you cannot find the information or need additional assistance, please contact Exostar Customer Support or the representative of your partner organization.

Purchase a Credential

Where can I purchase credentials?

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account, from the Dashboard, click the Get 2FA button. 

Step 2.  You are redirected to Exostar's web store. From the Purchase your Exostar Subscription page, select the desired credentials.

Step 3.  Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Sharing Credentials

Can credentials be shared?

No, user accounts and activated credentials cannot be shared and is against Exostar's policy. OTP Hardware Tokens, Phone OTP, and Exostar Mobile ID subscriptions that have not been activated can be transferred.

Credentials and Access to Applications

Why can't I access my application even though I purchased and activated credentials?

Either you purchased an incorrect credential or have not logged in with your activated credential yet. If you purchased an incorrect credential, you are required to purchase the correct credential. To confirm the credential you logged in with, follow the steps below:

Step 1.  From the MAG Dashboard, click Launch from the application card or you may click Elevate Credential Strength (green button) from the My 2FA Credentials section.

Step 2.  You are redirected to the Two-Step Verification page, that displays a list of 2FA Credentials associated with your account.

Step 3.  Select one of the methods and proceed with the authentication process.

After you return to the MAG Dashboard, your credential strength displays and you should be able to open your application. If you still can't access a specific application, review the MAG Application Access FAQs for additional troubleshooting tips.

Credential not Renewing

Why is my OTP product still suspended even though I purchased a renewal?

It can take up to 24 hours for the renewal to process. If it has exceeded 24 hours, please contact Exostar Customer Support.


Can I receive a refund for my credential purchase?

eTools purchases, activated credentials, expired license keys for products or used renewals are ineligible for refund. For questions about refunds, please contact Exostar Customer Support.

Additional Self-Help Resources 

Visit our One Time Password or Federated Identity Service pages to find relevant information. To troubleshoot an OTP-related issue, explore our library of OTP FAQs.