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If you are required to use your 3rd-Party Credential to access applications via Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG), you receive a special invitation email from the application owner. To register your DOD Common Access Card (CAC):

Step 1.  Click the Third Party Credential Registration URL provided to you by your sponsor.

Step 2.  Select your Third Party Credential Card Certificate from the digital certificate list and click OK.

Step 3.  Once you insert your card into the card reader, select OK on the on-screen prompt. 

Step 4.  You are prompted to enter your PIN. Click OK

NOTE:  The PIN number is issued by your credential issuer. Exostar does not have PIN information available.

Step 5.  On the User Registration page, click Start Registration

Step 6.  The Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Registration screen displays. Ensure the information displayed on this page is accurate before clicking Next.

Step 7.  Select the applications you need access to, using the invitation email you received from your Sponsor as reference.

Step 8.  Click Next to complete the registration process.  

Once you complete the registration process and receive the confirmation email, an administrator reviews your registration request. The account and application subscriptions are approved subject to confirmation received from the sponsor. You receive notification of account and application approval status via email from Exostar.