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This page provides information pertaining to various passwords required when requesting Federated Identity Service (FIS) Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) digital certificate, and using a hardware token device to access Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG).

As with any user account, you must manage your passwords. In addition, you will encounter terms such as one-time password, system-generated password, and hardware token password. The table below details the various passwords each user is required to input for a digital certificate download and installation, along with the purchased hardware token. 

Exostar Password

When your account is created with Exostar, you are required to enter two passwords - a system generated password and a one-time password. These passwords are provided to you, the user, via email during the registration process and can be easily restored if lost.  During your first-time login to the Exostar system, you create your permanent Exostar password. The Exostar password is used in conjunction with your User ID to access the Exostar system, in order to manage your account information and download your digital certificate.

Certificate Passcode

The Certificate Passcode is issued during the proofing process and is used for download and installation of the digital certificate.  It is a one-time passcode assigned to a specific individual.  If lost or forgotten, reissuance of the Certificate Passcode requires reproofing, in order to maintain the high assurance established when the passcode is assigned during the proofing event.

Token Password

The hardware token is issued with a generic Token Password. Upon first use of your token, you are prompted to create your own, unique Token Password. During all subsequent uses of your token, you are required to enter your Token Password. If lost or forgotten, your Token Password cannot be reset. As with the Certificate Passcode, a Token Password reissuance requires reproofing.

PasswordsFrequency of UseResettable Online?Impact of Reset

Exostar Passwords

One Time/As Required


Certificate Passcode (issued by proofer)

One Time


Requires in-person proofing to be completed again; charged at Exostar standard rates.

Token Password

Each Login


Requires in-person proofing to be completed again; and a new certificate to be issued.

Both will be charged at Exostar standard rates.