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Conflict Minerals Form Completion

To complete the Conflict Minerals Form:

Step 1.  Click the Edit icon next to the name of the form you want to edit or click directly on the form name in the Form Summary widget on your Dashboard to redirect to the Form Details page.

NOTE: If this is the first time anyone in your organization is submitting the Conflict Minerals form using PIM, the Start button displays at the top of the page. If your organization already completed and submitted the form, or someone already started the form, there are two options to Click to Edit on this page.

Step 2.  Click the Start button.

NOTE: If your organization already started or completed the form:

            1. Select the Click to Edit button to edit the entire form.

            2. Select the Edit button next to the desired section to edit individual sections.

Step 3.  You are directed to the Welcome section of the form. In this section, click the Next button until you reach the Submitter Details page.

Step 4.  Enter the details for the user submitting the form.

Step 5.  Click on Next button to direct to the Form Questions  section of the form. Answer each question and click Next until you answer all questions in this section.

Step 6.  Upload a copy of your Conflict Minerals Statement or Conflict Minerals Reporting Template when asked to do so.

NOTE: Your CMRT file should begin with CFSI_CMRT 5. It will not upload otherwise.

Step 7.  Select the checkbox next to the Attestation to attest all provided information is true to the best of your knowledge. 

Step 8.  Click the Send Response button to submit the form and send the response to the requesting Buyer.

NOTE: You can submit the form without responding to all the questions listed. You are able to see the progress in terms of percentage (%) complete in the Forms Table.

Step 9.  A confirmation message displays. Click the OK button to confirm you form submission.

Step 10.  You are taken back to the Form Details page. Your form has now been submitted and is available to your Buyer.

NOTE: The Conflict Minerals form is not scored by the PIM application. Your buyer completes their own analysis of the form.

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