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MAG 6.13 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) was upgraded to Version 6.13 on November 11, 2019. Enhancements in this version include the following:

The "On Behalf" Field Available to Adoption Admins

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During the invitation process, Adoption Administrators now will have the option of checking the I am inviting on behalf of box and adding the information about the inviting individual, organization, and contact email address. If this information is added, the Point of Contact in the invited organization will receive an email referencing the above information. The Adoption Administrator (or the person whose contact was entered under the On Behalf section) will also receive the confirmation email informing them that an invitation was submitted on their behalf.

Org Admins Gain Visibility into Expiring Credentials 

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Organization Administrators now will be able to see the information about expiring credentials for all users within their organization by generating the Organization User Details Report. This report will include the expiration information for all credential types used within a given organization.

On-Demand Help for Advanced Login Options

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All users now will be able to access additional on-demand help located the Advanced Login Options. Simply navigate to the MAG login page, and scroll down to the Advanced Login Options. Access additional information by clicking the Read more link located under Single Sign On (EAG), Digital Certificates (Hardware), and Digital Certificates (Software) hyperlinks.

Other Enhancements

  • The Additional Login Options link under the My Account tab was updated to load the updated PDF.
  • Various reports available to MAG Administrators were updated to exclude blank rows. 

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