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Annual Recertification - Trading Partner Manager (TPM)

Annual Self-Certification and Representation: To be completed every year

In order to update your organization’s profile in Trading Partner Manager (TPM) you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the Organization Administrator role
  • Login with your 2-Factor Authentication such as a Phone based or Hardware OTP with Proofing
  • Utilize the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the various screens. Using your browser’s Back button can cause errors in the system, which may result in a loss of any changes you have made.

TPM Annual Recertification

Follow the instructions below to complete profile recertification in your organization’s Trading Partner Manager (TPM) profile:

Step 1. Go to (do not use a saved or favorite link).

Step 2. Click MAG LOGIN in the top right corner and sign in to your account

Step 3. Click on the My Account tab

Step 4. Click the View Organization Details sub-tab

Step 5. Next to your Organization’s name, click View in Trading Partner Manager (TPM)

Step 6. Read the statement and click Continue

Step 7. On the left side click on the Self Certification tab.

NOTE: If you do not see this option, you must login using your two-factor authentication credential.

The Self-Certification page contains up to four sections each requiring an annual response, dependent on the organization’s main Country.

  • Socio-economic: Required when organization address country is U.S. (including U.S. Territories).
  • Executive Compensation Report: Required for all vendors regardless of organization address country.

To complete each section, follow the step-by-step instructions provided directly on the application page, and are also described in general in the steps below. Several links to external web sites are also provided on the application page to assist in completing the task.

  • All data fields preceded by a red asterisk (*) are required. Review all data fields and update as necessary.
  • Complete/Review all questions to ensure all data is correct and up to date. 
  • Click Submit Certifications and Representations.
  • A confirmation message displays and self-certification dates and user information display below the message.
  • The Self Certification status at the bottom will update to Current.

To view step by step instructions with screenshots, please view the TPM Profile Recertification and Update Guide here.

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