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MAG Application Access FAQs

Application Statuses

What does the status of my application mean, and what should I do now?

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You can view the status of your applications from the Home tab (under the My Applications section) of your MAG account. Unless you see Open Application next to the application you want to use, you might need to wait or to reach out for help to Exostar Customer Support. Review the table below to see what each status means, and what action is required.

Exostar Application Status

User Action


Click Open Application to launch the application in a separate browser window.

Organization Registration Approval PendingNone

Pending Account Creation by the Application

If the application has been in this status for more than 24 hours, contact Exostar Customer Support.

Pending Approval by the Application Owner

If application has been in this status for more than 48 hours, contact Exostar Customer Support.

Pending Application Administrator Approval

Contact your Application Administrator for the application.

Pending Activation

Contact your Application Administrator for the SCP application.

Pending Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Contact your Organization Administrator.


If you need access to the application, click Request Access next to the inactive status. Your request transitions to Pending Application Administrator Approval.


Click Reactivate Application. If you do not see Reactivate Application, work with your organization's Application Administrator for the suspended application.

Pending Exostar Approval

If application has been in this status for more than 48 hours, contact Exostar Customer Support.

Pending Proofing

Contact Exostar Customer Support for information if you completed your in-person proofing. This status applies only to MAG users who are awaiting proofing for FIS Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Certificates.

Login Requirements Not Met

Log into your account with the required  credential.  If you do not have a credential, you need to complete a purchase from Billing and Support which can be accessed from your account.  If you are unsure of what credential to purchase, contact Exostar Customer Support.

Application not Accessible

If you cannot access partner applications from your MAG Home tab, it might be due to these common issues:

    • You need to activate your credential.
    • You need a stronger credential.
    • Your credential has expired.
    • You need to log into MAG with your credential.
    • You purchased the FIS MLOA certificate, but still need to download it. 

In these scenarios, the status of your application will read Login Requirements not Met. Review the sections below to learn how to troubleshoot these common access issues.

Activate Your Credential

How can I activate my credential?

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You might not be able to access your partner application because your credential needs to be activated. Specifically, this applies to such credentials as Phone OTP, OTP Hardware Token, and Exostar Mobile ID. Activation ensures your credential is attached to a specific MAG account. To activate your purchased credential:

Step 1.  Log into into your MAG account, and navigate to the My Account tab.

Step 2.  Click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  Click Purchase/Register link. You are redirected to the Credentialing page.

Step 4. Select the Get/Activate credentials radio button.

Step 5. Click the hyperlinked I have a license key, enter the license key, and click Activate. Follow the prompts to complete the activation and to register a phone number to your MAG account.

If you do not have a credential, and want to purchase at this time, click Continue instead of I have a license key. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase and activation of your credential.

Purchase a Stronger Credential

How do I purchase or upgrade my current credential?

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If you cannot access your application, and receive the Login Requirements Not Met message, double-check with your partner to see what kind of credential they require for the access to your specific application. If you need a stronger credential or an upgrade to your credential in the form of Identity Proofing, follow the steps below to complete your purchase:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account, and click Billing and Support, located in the upper right corner.

Step 2.  To purchase the identity proofing upgrade or additional credential, click Exostar Webstore - Home Page from the blue banner (top of page).

Step 3.  Locate the required credential, click Purchase Now, and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Renew Expired Credential

How can I renew my expired credential?

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If your credential is expired, and you receive the Login Requirements Not Met message, please follow these steps to complete your credential renewal:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account, and click Billing and Support located in the upper right corner.

Step 2.  To renew expired credentials, click Subscription Renewals from the blue banner (top of page).

Step 3.  Select the product from the drop-down menu, and select Available Renewals.  Click Add to Cart. Follow the prompts to complete your renewal.

Login with Credential

How do I ensure I am logged into MAG with my credential?

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If during your login to MAG you skipped the OTP step, you might not be able to access certain applications. To elevate your account's security from User Name and Password to OTP, follow the steps below:

Step 1.  From the Home dashboard view, navigate to the My Account tab.

Step 2. Click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3. From the Manage OTP section of the page, click Elevate.

Step 4. Follow the steps to complete the login with your credential.

Download the FIS MLOA Certificates

How do I download and log in with my FIS MLOA certificates?

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If you purchased, but forgot to download the FIS MLOA Hardware Digital Certificates, you won't be able to access the applications that require this certificate for access. Click here for instructions on how to complete the download, and then complete the steps below:

Step 1.  If you are not automatically prompted to select your FIS MLOA Hardware certificates during login to MAG, close your browser and navigate to

Step 2. Plug the FIS Hardware Token into your computer.

Step 3.  From the Advanced Login Options section, select Digital Certificates (Hardware).

Step 4.  When the certificate prompt displays, select the certificate and click OK

Step 5.  Enter your token password. 

NOTE: If you forget this password, you must go through the proofing process again, as this password cannot be reset.

Step 6.  Verify you successfully logged in with your credential. The credential strength can be viewed in the right upper corner of your MAG account (located below Billing and Support). The credential strength field should display Medium Hardware Cert.

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