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Downloadable Guides - Trading Partner Manager (TPM)


Take Action Reminder – New Representations & Certifications in Exostar Trading Partner Manager (TPM) and Partner Information Manager (PIM) 

Effective June 14, 2021 your Exostar TPM profile includes two new sections located on the Self-Certification page:

  1. Fiscal Year 2019 NDAA Section 889  FAR 52.204-25
  2. DFARS 252.204-7020 NIST SP800-171 Assessment Requirements

Your Organization Administrator is required to immediately review these sections and enter a response to ensure compliance and minimize disruption to future business. Please complete this as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Please see the Annual Recertification page for step-by-step instructions.


The following guides are available to suppliers to help them perform various tasks within Trading Partner Manager (TPM):

  • TPM Registration Request Quick Reference Guide: This guide provides the step-by-step instructions for accepting the invitation to access the Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P) portal by completing the organization registration process. Useful for both existing and new Exostar MAG Platform suppliers.
  • TPM Registration Checklist: This guide provides the checklist of information required to complete registration in TPM.
  • TPM Profile Recertification and Update Guide: This guide provides detailed instructions (with screenshots) for re-certifying and updating the organization’s profile in TPM.
  • TPM Profile Recertification Guide: This guide is a shortened version of the guide above (TPM Profile and Recertification and Update Guide). It covers the steps for completing vendor profile re-certification in TPM.
  • PIM Guidance for TPM Users: This guide provides instructions for updating the organization’s Cyber Security posture within TPM and Partner Information Manager (PIM).

Please note the following system requirements:

Operating SystemInternet ExplorerChromeEdgeFirefox
Windows 10YesYesYesYes

Lockheed Martin Buyer

TPM LM Buyer Help: This guide provides buyers with the step-by-step instructions for navigating TPM, searching for organizations, requesting new organizations, and performing other related tasks.  

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