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Revoke, Disable, Remove Certificates

Revoke Certificates

If you suspect one of the following, you should revoke your certificates:

  • Loss, compromise or theft of your private key 
  • Fraud 

There are four ways to revoke your certificates:

  1. Yourself: Log-in to your MAG account using your user ID and password, and follow the steps provided below.
  2. Organization Administrator: Your Organization Administrator can revoke your certificates at any time.
  3. FIS Administrator: Your organization’s designated FIS Administrator can revoke your certificates on your behalf.
  4. Exostar Customer Support: If your certificates have been compromised, contact Exostar Customer Support and request certificate revocation.

To revoke your certificates:

Step 1.  Go to the My Account tab, click the Manage Certificates sub-tab, and then click the Revoke Certificates tab.

     NOTE: You cannot selectively revoke certificates. This activity revokes all of your downloaded certificates.

Step 2.  Click the Revoke button to revoke ALL FIS certificates. You receive a confirmation notification.

Step 3.  Select OK to revoke all certificates. The Certificate Revocation Confirmation displays.

Disable/Remove Old Certificates

Exostar recommends removing expired certificates to ensure the user is not presented with multiple certificates at the time of accessing the ForumPass application.

To start the process:

Step 1.  Open an Internet Explorer browser window.

Step 2.  Click Tools, then Internet Options.

Step 3.  Click the Content tab and select the Certificates button.

Step 4.  In the Certificates pop-up screen, select the certificate you wish to remove.

Step 5.  Check the Expiration date. Click Remove.

Step 6.  A confirmation message displays. Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel.

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