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General Certificate Management

Once you successfully download your certificates, go to the Manage Certificates tab in your Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account to view and take action on your certificates.

View Certificates

After you successfully download your FIS certificates, you are able to view the certificates, and their details, under the View Certificates sub-tab.

To view your certificates:

Step 1.  After installing the certificates, open the token client. The following screenshots depict the information specific to Aladdin eToken Pro 72 K token.

Step 2.  Click Advanced view.

Step 3.  Expand the User Certificates by clicking the plus sign (+). You should view the list of all installed certificates. Click each certificate to view details.

Increase Certificate Security Level

In the previous section, we covered the Import of Digital certificates. As a corporate policy, you may also be required to add additional Security levels for your certificate. At Exostar, we encourage you to set the security level for your Medium Level of Assurance Certificates to High.

Step 1.  Starting from Step 13 above, click the Set Security Level button.

Step 2.  Choose the High option and click Next.

Step 3.  Enter a CryptoAPI Private Key Password, confirm the password and click Finish.

     NOTE: Please remember this password. When using your certificate to access ForumPass, you are prompted for this CryptoAPI password after selecting your certificate.

Step 4.  Security level is now set to High. Click OK.

Step 5.  Click OK on the confirmation screen.

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