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Certificate Reapply

Reapply for certificates for any of the following reasons: 

  • Your certificates have been revoked. 
  • Your certificates expired (you must complete a new purchase in this case).
  • You want to upgrade the certificate assurance level, in which case, a new purchase must be made.
  • Your Organization Administrator instructed you to reapply for FIS certificates. 

There are three ways to reapply for your certificates:

  1. Yourself: Log-in to your Identity and Access Management Platform (MAG) account using your user ID and password, and follow the steps provided below.
  2. Organization Administrator: Your Organization Administrator can reapply for certificates on your behalf.
  3. Exostar Customer Support: If you are unable to request certificates yourself, or the Organization Administrator is unable to request them on your behalf, contact Exostar Customer Support.

To reapply:

Step 1.  Go to the My Account tab, Manage Certificates sub-tab, then the Reapply sub-tab.

Step 2.  Click on the Reapply button and follow on-screen prompts.

     NOTE: If you are reapplying for Medium Level of Assurance Certificates, you must make the appropriate selections:

  • Partner/Application
  • Certificate Assurance Level
  • Certificate Usage
  • Certificate Type
  • Certificate Validity Period
  • Request Reason

Step 3.  If you received a sponsor code, enter it and click Next.

     NOTE: This is not a required field.

Following submission of the request, the following activities take place:

  • Your company’s FIS administrator approves your request.
  • Exostar receives the approval from your FIS administrator and completes the approval process.

Once the approval process is complete, you receive an email with a passcode to download the new certificates. The download process for re-applied certificates is same as downloading a new certificate.

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