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February 2019: A New Welcome Page & Avoiding Suspension Notices

Hi all,

We know you have been missing the PIM Tip of the Month, so we have some good news for February.

On February 22, or thereabouts, we are releasing PIM 2.5. The main focus of this release is for a pilot program associated with a Department of Defense agency, and we also added some general usability features. In particular, we added a first-time logon Welcome page. This resource is intended to help users the first time they access PIM, however, we think most of you will find it useful as well.

Welcome Page

The Welcome Page provides a set of FAQs that apply to any forms your organization is asked to complete and submit by your buyers. These FAQs apply to the common features of PIM, as well as the pilot program. 

The FAQ information is immediately accessible within the application, with navigation aids and screen snippets, for easier use of the service. We will update these FAQs on a regular basis, based on feedback from our Support Team.

The Welcome screen provides a checkbox to select if the screen displays on subsequent logins, or to remove it from view. If you choose not to keep it displayed, select the Getting Started option under the Resources widget on your Home dashboard.

Please see the Welcome Page for additional information on navigation.

Suspension Notices & How to Avoid Them

For security reasons, we are obliged by our security policies to identify inactive accounts within our services. Inactive accounts are often vectors for system attacks. Our system regularly monitors account activity and if there is none for 12 months or more, a suspension notice is sent to you.

You can avoid account suspension by simply logging into your PIM account at least once a year. Here is what you can do:

  1. Log into
  2. Under the Home tab, click on Open Application next to Partner Information Manager.

That’s it! You can now logout and the suspension date is reset. 

We hope these new features make your use of the PIM service a lot easier.

Best regards,

The PIM team

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