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One Time Password (OTP)


Exostar features One Time Password technology. OTP provides users with a physical credential that allows them to access an application using a one time password. 

You require an OTP Hardware Token, Phone OTP Token or Exostar Mobile ID (powered by AuthyTM) with or without proofing when a partner (buyer) application requires the OTP credential.  Partner applications (buyer) are accessed via Exostar's IAM Platform (MAG).  You may be able to use the OTP credential across multiple applications behind Exostar's IAM Platform (MAG).  However, the credential requirement depends on what your customer organization (buyer) allows.

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  • Stronger assurance level than conventional username/password technologies.
  • Better identity protection than traditional "static" passwords that are vulnerable to theft.
  • Complies with DFAR 252.204-7008.
  • Reduces risk of unauthorized access to your account.
  • Enhanced security.

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