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Vendor Qualification Manager (VQM)


Exostar's Vendor Quality Manager (VQM) is a key component of the Exostar supplier management solution suite for collecting, maintaining, and managing supplier information.


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Key benefits of VQM Include:

  • Enabling A&D businesses to accurately and securely add new approved suppliers.
  • Streamlining the supplier onboarding process.
  • Reduces the costs of approval and certification.
  • Provides seamless to the Exostar Partner Information Manager (PIM) service and the buyer's ERP systems to complete the onboarding process.

Roles and Responsibilities

VQM is has several roles necessary for different steps of the application workflow.

Requester/Inviter:  Submits requests, assigns reviewers and approvers to invitation

Reviewer:  Requests and reviews invitations; assigns reviewers to invitation where they are a reviewer

Approver:  Requests, reviews, and approves invitations; assigns reviewers and approvers to invitations where they are an approver

Application Administrator: All the above, in addition to assigning user roles, updating user status, and updating organization contact and summary information

Standard User:  Read-only access; Can access all invitations, reviews and supplier responses

Vendor:  A supplier who has been requested to complete a pre-qualification form.

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