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Learn - IAM Platform (MAG)

Live Training Registration

Click the link below to register for Exostar's Identity and Access Management Platform (formerly known as MAG) Administrator training.  This web-based course for beginners is 1 hour long, and is offered monthly. Once you have registered, you will receive an invitation via WebEx with details.

Role-Based Assistance

Are you a user or an administrator for Exostar’s IAM Platform (MAG) or applications within your organization?  Click your role to see step-by-step instructions completing your tasks within Exostar’s IAM Platform (MAG).

Organization Registration 

Click the link below for specific information about the invitation to register your organization in Exostar's IAM Platform (MAG) to access partner applications.  You can also learn about troubleshooting tips for registration issues.

Registration, First Login and Troubleshooting

Click the link below for specific information related to registering your Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) user account and logging in.  Learn about registering a new MAG user account, completing first login or assistance with forgotten User ID, password or security questions.

Credentials and Other Purchasable Products

Click the link below for specific information related to purchasing One Time Password credentials, Federated Identity Service Digital Certificate(s), Rolls-Royce eTools and/or Secure Email.

Billing and Support 

Click the link below for specific information related to Exostar's Billing and Support Center.  Learn about accessing Billing and Support, role information, managing license keys, paying Exostar invoices, acceptable payment methods, renewals and SCP transactions.

Change Requests 

Click the link below for instructions on how to request changes in the organization or personal Exostar's IAM Platform (MAG) account.  Learn about how to change your organization's Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) Organization Administrator, company name and, company address.  You can also learn how to change your email address if you have not completed first time login or your domain name has changed and you cannot access your Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) account that requires the change as well as completing legal name changes.

Account Information

Click the link below for specific information related to your Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) account details.  Learn about determining your organization's Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) Administrators, organization and Exostar ID.  You can also learn about viewing your Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) role, user ID and the credential you have logged into your account with.

For more detailed information on MAG, please see the Training Documents page.  Please see the MAG FAQs page to answer additional questions.

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