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Supply Chain Platform (SCP)


Exostar's Supply Chain Platform (SCP) is a comprehensive, hosted solution that enables visibility of operations and supply chain activity. The solution provides a real-time, end-to-end picture of supply and demand performance with built-in decision support tools.

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Benefits of using Supply Chain Platform

  • Decrease supply chain transaction times and effort
  • Improve accuracy of supply chain information
  • Provide status of invoices and shipments
  • Improve collaboration on demand forecasts
  • Proactively evaluate exceptions
  • Reduce potential shortages

Roles and Responsibilities

Supply Chain Platform (SCP) applications typically have the following roles:

Organization Administrators are able to:

  • Add new users
  • Approve user requests to conduct business through Exostar
  • Edit user contact information
  • Delete users

Application Administrators are able to:

  • Approve users for specific applications (in this case, SCP)
  • Set up preferences in SCP that will apply to your entire organization
  • (Optional) Create and assign user roles – to restrict visibility by account or document type

SCP Users are able to:

  • Reset their own password
  • Update their contact information
  • Select to receive email alerts from SCP
  • Configure their screens in SCP

SCP Membership Fees

Exostar offers seven (7) levels of membership which are based on a tiered pricing structure associated with the volume of transactions your organization exchanges using SCP-BAE, BSCP, MOD, SCMP (787) and RSCP. Nine (9) months after your registration is submitted, your membership level is assessed based on the number of transactions you have exchanged during that 9-month period.  You are invoiced at the appropriate level at that time. You are invoiced in advance for all subsequent years of membership. Your subscription is valid for 12 months from the date of registration or renewal.  For information on how to pay SCP membership invoices, click here

  Membership Level

 Transaction Volume1, 2

 Membership Fee

Free Supplier Membership

0-100 per year


Bronze Supplier Membership

101-500 per year 


Silver Supplier Membership

501-1000 per year 


Gold Supplier Membership

1,001-1,500 per year


Diamond Supplier Membership

1,501-5,000 per year


Platinum Supplier Membership

5,001-10,000 per year


Unlimited Supplier Membership

Over 10,001 per year


Pricing in effect as of January 1, 2017.

1 Assessment policy: In order to assess your first year's membership level and associated fee, transaction volume will be assessed 9 months after the registration date, extrapolated to establish a 12-month forecasted volume. The following year's membership level and fee will also be based on the first 9 months of transactions, extrapolated to establish a 12-month forecasted volume. All subsequent years' membership levels and fees will be based on the previous 12 months of transactions.

2 Transaction Types include: Discrete Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Changes, Blanket Purchase Orders, Blanket PO Changes, Blanket Releases, Schedule Agreements, EDC Notifications, Advance Ship Notices, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Forecasts, Planning Schedules, Long Term Forecasts, Long Term Plan Schedules, Inventory Status, Pull Requests, VMI Inventory Status, Shipment to Hub, and Hub Receipts. Responses from your company to Purchase Orders, Schedules, RFQ, RFI, RFP or participation in reverse auction ARE NOT included in your transaction assessment.

Login Requirements

Most Supply Chain Products require Two-Factor Authentication for access.  Each SCP Hub has minimum 2FA requirements for access.  The following Two-Factor Authentication credentials are accepted by SCP applications:

Credential/Certificate Type


User ID and Password1
Basic Level of Assurance (BLOA) Software2
Basic Level of Assurance (BLOA) Secure Email2
One Time Password Hardware Token 2
Phone One Time Password2
One Time Password Hardware Token with Proofing 3
FIS Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Software3
FIS Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Hardware 4
DoD CAC Card4
NGC One Badge2-4 (Dependent on Application Owner)
Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG)1-4 (Dependent on Application Owner Proofing Process)

*Please note that the higher the level, the stronger the credential strength.

The table below lists each SCP Hub, the minimum credential required for login and all levels of acceptable 2FA credentials.


Minimum Credential Required

All Acceptable Credentials

SCP-BAEUser ID and PasswordLevel 1-4
BSCP/787 SCMPOne Time Password Hardware Token with Proofing Level 3-4
Embraer SCPUser ID and PasswordLevel 1-4
SCP-NNSFIS Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Hardware Level 4 (Hardware)
Raytheon SCPPhone One Time PasswordLevel 2-4
Rolls-Royce SCPBasic Level of Assurance (BLOA) SoftwareLevel 2-4

System Requirements

These system requirements are applicable to Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG),  ForumPass, ProcurePass, SourcePass and Supply Chain Platform.  

Browser and Operating System Software

In order to provide a stable and reliable platform, Exostar continues to upgrade our recommended user configuration to account for browser and operating system updates provided by Microsoft and other software vendors. These software vendors provide maintenance through patches, service packs and new software versions. As new releases are made available by the software vendors, support for the older versions is retired. In the event Exostar's customers experience a problem running our Internet solutions using the old versions of their software, they will be directed to upgrade to the latest release and test to see if the issue has been resolved. At times, software vendors may release new updates at a cadence that Exostar will not match. In some cases, users may utilize different browsers or recently released browser versions or that Exostar has not yet fully reviewed with its products.

Exostar will always make every effort to provide support for issues our customers have accessing and using our solutions. The limitations to that support may be technical, and subject to either actions needed on the part of the user (upgrades or alternate browsers), or the need for future enhancements to Exostar’s solutions. Exostar will make best efforts to maintain Internet solutions that work with the current and previous version (if still supported by MS) browser and operating system combinations provided by Microsoft. Based on our website statistics, over 95% of our current customer base utilizes Microsoft products.

The following outlines the system requirements for accessing Exostar solutions: 

 Exostar Browser/OS Support




FF 3.0+

Saf 4.0+

IE 7.0

IE 8.0

IE 9.0

IE 10

IE 11**

 Windows Vista


 Windows 7

 Windows 8 RS RS     RR


(R) Recommended

Exostar Solutions will work with these browser/OS combinations

(T) Tested

Exostar has conducted high-level testing of its Solutions to identify any critical issues. Support will be provided but may be limited to the extent issues have been identified.

(RS) Roadmap Support

Exostar recognizes the potential need for future support but has not conducted any testing to date. Inclusion in future roadmap scope is not guaranteed, but has been identified as a candidate.

(NT) May work but not tested on for new upgrades

Exostar Solutions are not tested with these browser/OS combinations.

**IE 11Please note that IE 11 users may experience page rendering or performance issues within Exostar's Trading Partner Manager (TPM).  Please use compatibility mode in IE11 if you experience issues.

Recommended workstation configurations:




Operating System/Browser Combination

  1. Microsoft Windows Vista/SP 2 with IE8 or IE9
  2. Microsoft Windows 7 with IE9, IE10, or IE11
  3. Microsoft Windows 8 with IE10 or IE11

These OS/Browser combinations are not all inclusive, but have been proven as stable combinations.


512 MB or higher memory is recommended for best performance. Proper system memory allows for efficient operation of the applications.

Exostar's services are primarily browser driven. System performance improvements from additional RAM will be evident to the extent overall system improvements are realized

CPU Speed

1 GHz or better CPU speed is recommended for best performance.

The more powerful (faster) CPU speed will allow for more efficient operation of the applications.

Internet Connectivity

2Mb/sec or better

(A lower connection speed will result in slower performance or possible system time outs due to extended run times.)


Version 9

Exostar utilizes Adobe Reader for downloading training and other support materials.


JRE Version 8 or higher

The most current version of JRE is recommended, however Version 7 or higher is acceptable. 

In addition to major software releases, Microsoft offers ongoing product enhancements through service packs and 'product updates'. Exostar will maintain currency with these updates as part of our ongoing release cycle testing, ensuring that our planned major release testing utilizes the latest software updates available. In the event that our customers experience a problem running our Internet solutions using the old versions of the software, including an out of date 'update' level, they may be directed to upgrade to the latest 'update' level to resolve the reported issue.

You can see the Microsoft supported configurations at:

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