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Exostar is growing and we are adding more resources to our infrastructure. To support this growth we will be adding new IP blocks and networks to our infrastructure. The addition of these IP blocks will require your organization to update their inbound/outbound whitelists and/or application configurations.

During the months of December and January, Exostar will be changing the IP Addresses that are used for our public facing Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).

The Current IP segments will be transitioned to the New IP segments:

CURRENT IP SegmentsNEW IP Segments

These changes will be implemented by updating the Domain Naming Service (DNS) entries. 

During the migration and updating of the application FQDNs, as with any DNS change, you may have to flush your DNS cache on the end-users computer so that proper DNS resolution can occur. 

What needs to be done by your organization: 

  • Add the New IP Segments (, to your whitelists – do not remove the existing IPs or net blocks you have whitelisted for Exostar.   

For additional information, please contact your Product Owner, or you can contact the team directly by sending an email to: