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Cannot Access RR-SCP

Cannot access – where is RR-SCP?

titleClick here to view the answer.

While logged in to your MAG account, click on the ‘Home’ tab.  ‘Supply Chain Platform - Rolls-Royce’ (SCP-RR) should be listed among your available applications.  Click the ‘Open Application’ link to access the new application (see screenshot below).

Open Application Error

Cannot access – error after clicking ‘Open Application'?

titleClick here to view the answer.

If you receive the error message shown below after clicking ‘Open Application’ for SCP-RR, please go here to open a ticket with Exostar Customer Service.  When entering the ticket information, please be sure to include a screenshot of the error message, along with your MAG User ID.

Locating Document

Where can I find my document?

titleClick here to view the answer.

If you cannot locate a document in SCP-RR, please check your GSCP account for it.  Only new documents will be sent to your SCP-RR account.  Old documents have not been moved over by Rolls-Royce.  Old orders are still available in GSCP in a ‘read-only’ format.


If not considered ‘active’, they may not have been moved – look in your GSCP account for a ‘view only’ copy.

Shipments (ASN)

If the shipment was created against an order that was in GSCP, it was not moved over.  You should be able to view the shipment in GSCP.
New shipments against orders in SCP-RR should be done in SCP-RR.


If the receipt was created against an order that was in GSCP, it was not moved over.  You should be able to view the receipt in GSCP.


If the invoice was created against an order that was in GSCP, it was not moved over.  You should be able to view the invoice in GSCP.
New invoices created against orders in SCP-RR should be done in SCP-RR.

Planning Schedules

These are now called ‘Delivery Schedules’ in SCP-RR.  When SCP-RR went live, the most recent Delivery Schedule version at that time was moved over from GSCP.  For any previous versions, please check your GSCP account. 

Please Note:  You should not need to use any new document types that you were not already using previously in GSCP.  Although the training covered shipments, invoices, and forecasts, this does not mean that you are required to use these document types now.

Locating Planning Schedules

Where can I find Planning Schedules?

titleClick here to view the answer.

Planning Schedules are now called DELIVERY SCHEDULES in SCP-RR. 

Delivery Schedules can be found under Order Management > Delivery Schedule > Summary:

Locating Historical Data

Where can I find historical data (HDM)?

titleClick here to view the answer.

There is no longer a separate ‘Historical Document Manager’ section in SCP-RR for historical transactions.  Old data now moves to an ‘Archived’ state instead.  Archived documents can be viewed under the respective summary page for each document type.  For example, to view your archived purchase orders, go to ‘Order Management’ > ‘Purchase Order’ > ‘Summary’, and then click on the number under ‘Total’ next to ‘Archived’.

There are separate archiving rules for each document type, please reference the table below:

Document Type

Archiving Rule

Delivery Schedule

  • When ‘Schedule State’ is ‘New’ or ‘Sent’ AND
  • Older than 30 days + not modified in 30 days
  • Purged after 1 year

Purchase Order

  • Request Delivery Date older than 180 days + Not modified in 180 days
  • Purged 180 days after being archived



  • When ‘Line State’ is ‘Open’ or ‘Open-Unreferenced’ AND
  • ‘Invoice Created’ is older than 180 days


  • When ‘Line State’ is ‘In Process’, ‘Query’, or ‘Approved’ AND
  • ‘Line Last Modified’ is older than 180 days


  • When ‘Line State’ is ‘Paid’ or ‘Rejected’ AND
  • ‘Line Last Modified’ is older than 90 days

Locating the 'Note to Buyer' Field

Where is the ‘Note to Buyer’ field?

titleClick here to view the answer.

The ‘Note to Buyer’ is now called ‘Supplier Message’.  It is still required if you wish to Acknowledge with Exceptions or Reject the order.  The field has a limit of 4,000 characters.  The ‘General Note’ from Rolls-Royce is now called the ‘Buyer Message’.

Locating the

'Note to Buyer' Field

POC Queue

Where is the POC queue?

titleClick here to view the answer.

There is no longer a POC queue.  This means that ALL CHANGE ORDERS ARE BEING POSTED TO THE ORDER WHEN THEY ARE RECEIVED BY SCP-RR.  You will always be looking at the latest version of the order, with all of the change orders applied.

See the change orders help file for more details.

Responding to Delivery Schedules

How do I respond to Delivery Schedules?

titleClick here to view the answer.

You will need to review and respond to the Delivery Schedules in your SCP-RR account.  When responding, pay attention to the date and quantity for each line.  If you agree to the date and quantity, select the check box for that row, and then click the Send button:

As a supplier, you can make changes to the Promise Date and/or Promise Quantity fields.  To change the date, use a YYYY-MM-DD format, or use the calendar icon to select a date.  If changes are made to a line, you must select a ‘Reason Code’ from the drop down menu.  You can also enter an additional Supplier Comment (up to 255 characters).

Note:  It is still possible to download the schedule information, create a response, and then upload the Excel file back into SCP-RR.  Refer to the Help files in SCP-RR for details.

High Counts on Summary Pages

Why are counts so high on the Summary pages?

titleClick here to view the answer.

For suppliers working with orders, shipments and invoices, the counts on the Summary pages in GSCP referred to the number of documents.  In SCP-RR, they now refer to the LINE level.  For example: if you have three orders with five lines on each order, in GSCP the count was ‘3’ but in SCP-RR the count is ‘15’.

One benefit to viewing data at the line level is that the lines can be processed directly from the list pages.

Missing 'Accept' Button

Why is the ‘Accept’ button missing for the order?

titleClick here to view the answer.

On the Order Details page, if there are lines in a ‘Closed’, ‘Cancelled’, ‘Rejected’ or ‘Archived’ state, then the action buttons (Accept etc.) will not show on the screen.  To see the action buttons and process ‘New’ or ‘Updated’ lines, filter the screen to only show the ‘New’ or ‘Updated’ lines.  On the right side of the screen, use the drop down list to select ‘New’ or ‘Updated’.  Then click ‘Filter’.  The screen will refresh and only show lines with the filtered state.  The actions buttons will reappear.  To get back to all lines, filter to show ‘All’.

Missing 'Send' Button

Why is the ‘Send’ button missing? 

titleClick here to view the answer.

There is no longer a ‘Send’ button.  Order responses will be sent to Rolls-Royce automatically when a line’s state moves to ‘Accepted’, ‘Acknowledged with Exceptions’ or ‘Rejected’.
SCP-RR checks every two hours for order responses that are ready to send.

Shipments and invoices will automatically be sent once you complete them UNLESS you created a ‘draft version’.  In that case, you will have to open the draft and then manually click the ‘Send Shipment’ or ‘Send Invoice’ button before the document is sent to Rolls-Royce.

Deciphering POC Changes

How do I know what changed on a POC?

titleClick here to view the answer.

For a few data fields, there is highlighting to show that something was changed, and the ‘previous’ value is also displayed on the order.  For other data fields, you would need to look at the ‘Full Print’ file or the ‘View History’ screen to see what changed.

The count that displays in the ‘Change Order Sequence’ field will increase with each change.  Changes made to the ‘Revision’, ‘Request Qty’, ‘Request Del Date’ or ‘Unit Price’ will highlight in yellow.  To view what has changed in more detail, click the ‘View All History’ link (header) or ‘View History’ button (lower section). 

The full print version of the order will show using asterisks anything that changed since THE LAST VERSION THAT YOU TOOK ACTION ON OF THE ORDER (or compared to the original if you have never responded to the order).

You should respond to updated orders with the same action options and steps as for the original order. 

Change Order Copies

How can I get a copy of each change order?

titleClick here to view the answer.

It is no longer possible to print each separate POC version out of SCP-RR.  In order to show the latest version of an order (without versions stuck in the POC queue), we can only store the latest version of the order for printing.  However, that ‘full print’ version does compare using asterisks against the last version you responded to (or original if no response).  The ‘View History’ does show the details of changes against version numbers.

Change Order Copies

Turning Off Email Alerts

How do I turn off email alerts?

titleClick here to view the answer.

All email alerts default to ‘On’ in SCP-RR.  If you turned off the alerts in GSCP, we were not able to carry over the settings to the new application.

Email alerts are being sent to the email address that is associated with your user account in MAG and SCP-RR.  The email subscriptions can be modified by each user.  Follow these steps to update your email alert subscriptions in SCP-RR:

  • On the left-side navigation tree, go to My Profile >> Email Alert Subscription
  • Then click on the Setup to Receive Email Alerts tab
  • Use the check mark boxes to select or unselect email alerts

When you have finished, click Update

For PO’s Only: To view a header-level summary (like in GSCP), click the ‘Header Summary’ tab on the Order Management > Purchase Order > Summary page:

Terminology Changes

Terminology Changes - New names for document types

titleClick here to view the answer.

Rolls-Royce has renamed some workflows in SCP-RR.  See the table below for changes:

Current Term

New Term

Planning Schedule

Delivery Schedule

Long Term Planning Schedule

Long Term Forecast


Purchase Order

Blanket Order

Outline Agreement


Shipment (or ASN)

Note to Buyer

Supplier Message

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