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Supply Chain Platform - Rolls-Royce (RR-SCP) Overview


Rolls-Royce has partnered with Exostar for the Rolls-Royce Supply Chain Platform (SCP) solution. Supply Chain Platform (SCP) is a comprehensive, hosted solution that enables buyers and suppliers to manage their supply chain activities.  

Rolls-Royce SCP provides features for collaboration between Rolls-Royce and their suppliers. The platform provides a real-time, end-to-end picture of supply and demand performance with built-in decision support tools. These tools simplify the procurement lifecycle management, from Purchase Order to Invoice.  Unlike traditional in-house applications, SCP draws on the information from all participating organizations, making it easier to measure supply chain execution against demand.  

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Rolls Royce Supply Chain Platform provides a number of benefits to users:

Simplifies and expedites supply chain transactions

  • SCP automates workflows to an organization’s supply chain, and allows for a seamless transition between the stages of procurement, without the intervention of staff. Automation is also instrumental in expediting all business transactions.

Improves the accuracy of supply chain information

  • Information is automatically transferred across documents (for instance, between purchase orders and invoices). This helps establish data consistency across multiple documents.

Provides invoice and shipment status

  • Real-time order status information is provided to the supplier and buyer, thus eliminating the need for phone calls and emails.

Improves forecast collaboration

  • Buyers and suppliers have an option to collaborate on forecast data. Forecast information can be viewed in the application, or as a downloadable xlxs file. 

Simplifies the management of workflow exceptions

  • Workflow exceptions are easily viewable, which provides suppliers and buyers with the ability to respond quickly to any adverse events.

 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Supply Chain Platform (SCP) applications typically have the following roles:

Organization Administrators are able to:

  • Add new users
  • Approve user requests to conduct business through Exostar
  • Edit user contact information
  • Delete users

Application Administrators are able to:

  • Approve users for specific applications (in this case, SCP)
  • Set up preferences in SCP that will apply to your entire organization
  • (Optional) Create and assign user roles – to restrict visibility by account or document type

SCP Users are able to:

  • Reset their own password
  • Update their contact information
  • Select to receive email alerts from SCP
  • Configure their screens in SCP

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RR SCP 19.1 Upgrade went live on May 10, 2019.