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Supply Chain Platform - NNS Overview


Using the Supply Chain Platform (SCP-NNS), Newport News Shipbuilding can more effectively receive supplier responses to orders and requests for quotes (RFQs). The supplier responds to the order or RFQ in SCP-NNS. The response is sent directly to NNS's backend systems for more efficient processing and improved management of exceptions. 

For training and support information, visit the Newport News Supplier Site.

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 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Supply Chain Platform (SCP) applications typically have the following roles:

Organization Administrators are able to:

  • Add new users
  • Approve user requests to conduct business through Exostar
  • Edit user contact information
  • Delete users

Application Administrators are able to:

  • Approve users for specific applications (in this case, SCP)
  • Set up preferences in SCP that will apply to your entire organization
  • (Optional) Create and assign user roles – to restrict visibility by account or document type

SCP Users are able to:

  • Reset their own password
  • Update their contact information
  • Select to receive email alerts from SCP
  • Configure their screens in SCP

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