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Supplier Portal Dashboard

The Supplier Portal dashboard displays once you select Open Application from the MAG Home screen. The dashboard can contain widgets for you to manage your Portal. Each widget has a collapse icon, to minimize the widget, expand arrows to open the widget to full screen, and you also have the option to rearrange your widgets by clicking and dragging to the desired location. Please note, widget management is an Administrator function. For more information on adding widgets to your Supplier Portal, please see the Manage Widgets page.

This page provides dashboard navigation information, as well as additional widget management information for each specific widget. Please select images to enlarge.

Top Navigation

The top header navigation displays the following options:

    • Alerts: Displays alerts across all applications to which you have access.
    • Settings: Provides the Edit Page and Administration option.
    • Dash: Provides links to all Areas you have permission to access.
    • Pages: Provides a drop down menu displaying all pages to which you have access.
    • Talk: Opens the Secure Messaging dialogue box.
    • Quick Info: Displays self-help content options.
    • Me: Opens the My Profile dialogue box to view your personal information; read-only.
    • Logout: Ends your current Supplier Portal session. 

Apps Widget

This widget displays all applications you can access from Supplier Portal and your access status for those applications. The active applications display in two separate tabs:

  • Exostar Apps: Applications located behind Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) and to which you currently have access. 
  • External Apps: Applications located outside Exostar's MAG.

 Please click here to view instructions.

Exostar Apps

To open an Exostar Application from this widget:

Step 1.  Locate the desired application and click through widget pages, if necessary.

Step 2.  Select the Active button to redirect to that application.

External Apps

To add a new external application link:

Step 1.  Click the External Apps tab from the Applications widget.

Step 2.  Select Manage App Links.

NOTE: From this screen, you can also Edit or Delete existing external links.

Step 3.  Click the Add New Link button.

Step 4.  Enter the Title and Apps URL.

Step 5.  Optionally, select a new logo or predefined logo.

Step 6.  Click Save or Cancel to proceed.

News Widget

This widget allows administrators to add RSS feeds to the dashboard and displays the following information: SourceTitle and Publish Date

 Please click here to view additional details.

Step 1.  Click into the Quick Search field and enter search criteria.

Step 2.  Select the Title hyperlink to redirect to the URL.

Step 3.  Click the RSS Feed button to add a new link or manage existing links.

Step 4.  Add the URL and Title

Step 5.  Click Save or Cancel to proceed.

Notice Widget

This widget allows customers to display document notices to portal users, mostly PDFs, and allows users to download those files. Application Administrators can add, delete, or change the notices. The notice name and date the file was added displays. 

 Please click here to view instructions.

Step 1.  Select a Notice Name to expand additional details. Once expanded, click View to download the notice.

Step 2.  Use the navigation arrows to page through all notices, if necessary. 

Step 3.  Use the Quick Search field to refine your view.

I Want To Widget

The I Want To widget options vary, depending on the applications to which you have access.

 Please click here to view additional details.
  • Risk & Compliance Forms: This link redirects to the PIM application to complete forms, if you have PIM access.
  • Pre-Qualify: This link redirects to the VQM application, if you have access.
  • Manage Contacts: This option displays all contacts associated to your account, and other contact management options.
  • View or Compose a secure message: This option opens the secure messaging feature.
  • Invite: This option allows you to invite users to applications, if you have the proper permissions.
  • Track Existing Invitations: This option allows you to track invitations you issued.
  • Reporting in MAG: This option redirects you to the reporting feature in MAG.

Content Editor Widget

This widget allows you to add formatted text, tables, and hyperlinks to a customized widget to display in your Supplier Portal. 

 Please click here to view additional details.

Step 1.  You must first add the widget to your page. Go to Settings and Edit Page.

Step 2.  Click the Add Widget(s) button.

Step 3.  Place a check mark next to ContentEditor and select the desired zone location.

Step 4.  Click Add and the system automatically refreshes with your new widget.

Step 5.  Click the Settings gear to rename your widget.

Step 6.  Click the Add button to add content.

ScoreCard Widget

This widget provides a table with Supplier names, NIST form score, as well as the Supplier’s Cyber Security score (out of 5). This widget provides the ability to create watchlists containing specific Suppliers. As an Administrator, you can manage or export the list.

Bulletin Widget

The Bulletin Board provides the ability to create and run announcements visible to all the users within the Portal Area. Each listed bulletin has an edit icon and a remove icon to further manage the list. Please see the Bulletin Board page for additional information and management options.

Contacts Widget

Manage, add and update organization contacts, as necessary, to keep your organization contact list as up to date as possible, as well as keep track of the contacts lists of your Suppliers to confirm Supplier contacts are up-to-date. This widget displays a table with names and additional columns of clickable details. The following icons are also available to manage your contact list:

  • Tag contact as unresponsive
  • Edit contact
  • Update contact details or verify
  • Send message

 Please click here to view additional details.

In order to add a new contact, you must have an administrative role. To add a new contact:

Step 1. Select the Create New Contact icon, in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Input any of the following: Email, First Name, Last Name, or User ID to search for the desired user and click Search.

Step 3. Place checkmarks next to the desired users and select from the Type ID drop down menu.

Step 4. Click Add to Contact.

Event Summary Widget

The Event Summary widget displays summary information about currently ongoing events, including event title, event type, and closing date. While this widget is available to add, no content displays in the Buyer view.

Event Management Widget

The Event Management widget displays activities that requires a Supplier to review or take action. While this widget is available to add, no content displays in the Buyer view. If you have not yet responded to an event, a link displays to redirect you to the respective page in SourcePass. If you have responded to an event, a link displays redirecting you to the Messages page in SourcePass.

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