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Supplier Portal Alerts

The bell icon, located in the top navigation of your portal dashboard, displays the number of new and unread alerts you received in the last 30 days, across all applications residing behind MAG, to which you are subscribed. 

The Alerts page displays the following columns for additional information:

    • Level: Represents the alert importance.
    • Source: Represents the source application from where the alert originated.
    • Description: Provides a short description of the alert.
    • Organization Name: Name of the Partner organization who triggered the alert from the source application.
    • Received Date: Date the alert was received.

Follow the steps below to manage your alerts:

Step 1.  Click the Alerts icon in the top header to display a list of existing alerts.

Step 2.  On the Alerts dialogue box, click the arrows to page through and view additional alerts, if necessary. 

Step 3.  Use the Filter icon located in each column to refine your view.

Step 4.  Click the specific alert to redirect to the relevant application.

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