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SecureForms Overview


SecureForms focuses on providing Raytheon Technologies with the ability to invite suppliers to complete forms electronically, which then become available to everyone at Raytheon Technologies.  The system also ensures that suppliers cannot submit forms until all required forms have been completed.  It contains built-in data collection processes and workflows, automated features and services that allow Raytheon Users to continuously review and make future decisions on supplier relationships. 

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 Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Supplier User

  • View any forms assigned to them
  • Reassign forms assigned to them to other supplier users
  • Edit forms assigned to them
  • Submit forms assigned to them
  • Download, save, and print forms assigned to them

Supplier Admin

Supplier Administrators can conduct the same functionalities as above in addition to:

  • Manage Users
  • View all forms assigned to their Organization
  • View any current form in org that are currently in progress
  • Assign any forms assigned in org to any supplier users

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