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Secure Login to SCP

As cyber threats against the Aerospace and Defense industry continue to intensify in frequency and sophistication, our industry is focused on increased protection of our infrastructures. To address security concerns head-on, Exostar and our customers are adding a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for more secure login to our online websites and applications.  This secure login requirement applies to all users that log into Exostar for the Supply Chain Platform applications.

The secure login includes adding a second factor of authentication to your current login ID and password.  This second factor (or access code) will be sent to your phone or presented to you on a token.  The access code is sometimes referred to as a 'one time password' or 'OTP' because the code is used once and then you will use a different code the next time that you login. 

To activate your secure login, you will receive an email from Exostar.  The email will tell you which login process or upgrade you need and the pricing.  The decision on which login process you need is based on the customers that you work with through Exostar.  The instructions will be provided as a link from the email.  You may receive an email that indicates you are already set up for the necessary level of security and that you have no actions.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in making security a priority.

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