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SAM Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is the process used by Exostar to verify the legitimacy of users' digital identities. Based on the credential requirement for your applications, you may need a credential credential with or without Identity Proofing. If your partner requires identity proofing, you will undergo one of the two identity proofing methods offered by Exostar:

Type 1.  Experian Instant Proofing (complete online instantly)

Type 2.  Live Video Proofing (schedule a video proofing session with an agent) 

What Type Should I Select?

  • Users located internationally must schedule a live video proofing session. 
  • Users located in the United States have a choice to either complete Experian instant proofing (we recommend this option), or to get proofed by scheduling a live proofing session with Exostar's proofing agent.  


Experian Instant Proofing

Experian proofing is a credit bureau proofing process, which requires users to verify their identity by answering credit bureau-based questions. This option is available only to users located in the US.

There are three possible outcomes for the Experian proofing: 

  • If you answer questions correctly, you will be directed to activate your OTP credential.
  • If you answer some questions incorrectly, but the credit bureau is able to locate you, you will receive the activation code in 3 to 8 business days via postal mail. Use this code to activate your OTP credential.
  • If you answer questions incorrectly, you will be prompted to schedule a live video proofing session. 

Follow the steps below to complete your Experian proofing.  

Step 1.  Log into SAM at, and navigate to the My Account tab.

Step 2.  Navigate to the OTP sub-tab, and click Register.

Step 3.  In the new screen, confirm your profile. Make sure that the name on the account matches the legal name displayed on the passport or other legal identifying documentation. Select the country where you live. If you live in the United States but do not have a social security number, select your country of citizenship. Click Next

Step 4.  After you have confirmed your profile, verify your identity in the next screen. Please ensure that all required fields are completed accurately. Click I Agree to continue.

Step 5.  You will be presented with the list of questions regarding your financial and residential history. Your responses to these questions will be used to verify your identity, so please answer carefully and accurately.

Step 6.  Once you complete all questions, click Next to continue.

If you answered some questions incorrectly, but the credit bureau was able to locate you with your personal information, you will receive an activation code in 3 to 8 business days via postal mail. Use this activation code to activate your credential.  

If the credit bureau was unable to verify your identity, the system will redirect you to schedule the live video proofing appointment (scroll to the section below to view the steps).

Live Video Proofing

During the Live Video Proofing session, you will be asked to present a valid government-issued photo identification to prove your identity to Exostar's proofing agent. This can be done via a webcam or camera on your smartphone. Please note that there is little time during the proofing session to troubleshoot any technical issues.  

Review the Live Video Proofing Resource to prepare for your proofing session. Have all necessary items handy (the approved photo ID and a working webcam or smartphone) and run a Webex Systems Test (if joining via PC) or download a Cusco Webex Meetings App (if joining via phone). Follow the steps below to schedule your live video proofing appointment.

Follow the steps to schedule and complete your live video proofing:

Step 1.  Click the Click! to Schedule button.

Step 2.  To schedule your proofing appointment, select an available date and time. Click Continue.

Step 3.  Enter your contact information. Click Confirm.

Step 4.  You have successfully scheduled your appointment. The appointment confirmation page will display, and you will also receive an appointment confirmation email.

An Exostar proofing agent will contact you on your scheduled appointment date. The proofing appointment can take up to 30 minutes. During your proofing appointment, you will be required to answer a series of “yes” or “no” questions, and provide acceptable, unexpired identification via a webcam to the proofer. Visit the Live Video Proofing Resource page for more information. Once you successfully complete proofing, the proofing agent will provide you with the activation code.  Use this code to activate your credential.

 Check out the Live Video Proofing Resource page to learn how to prepare for your Live Video Proofing interview, or explore our Identity Proofing FAQs.  

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