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SAM Adoption Administrator


Adoption Administrators (Adoption Admins) are responsible for inviting new users and organizations to SAM, using the Adoption tab, and they routinely perform these common tasks:

Access the Adoption Tab

Adoption Admins can manage all administrative duties from the Adoption tab. The GIF below offers a view of the Adoption tab: 

Invitation Process Overview

What is the general flow for inviting a user and organization to SAM?

The invitation process has the following flow:

Step 1.  Search for the user you would like to invite. If the user exists in the systems, invite the user to the application.

Step 2.  If the user is not found, search for the user’s company name and other information, such as address and Exostar ID.

Step 3.  If you locate the company, proceed with inviting the user. If you cannot locate the company, invite both company and user.

Scroll to the sections below to see the steps for completing each invitation scenario.

Search SAM for Possible Matches 

How can I search the SAM database to see whether users or companies are already in SAM?

To search for a user, complete the steps below:

Step 1. Log into SAM at

Step 2. Navigate to the Adoption tab, and click the Invite User link.

Step 3. Enter the user’s email address, and click Search.

Step 4. Once the user search is complete, proceed as follows:

    • If the user is found in our system, proceed with inviting the user to the application.
    • If the user is not found in our system, continue with searching for the organization. If the organization is found in the system, add the user to the organization.
    • If the user and the organization are not found in the system, proceed with adding both the organization and the user.

Invite an Existing User

How can I invite an existing user to my company's applications in SAM?

Follow the steps below to invite an existing SAM user to your company's applications:

Step 1. Always begin by searching for the user in the system.

NOTE: Once you locate the user, the search results show the user’s name, organization information, SAM account status, and active and pending applications.

Step 2. Click the user's last name to open the associated profile.

Step 3. The user’s profile page displays. Place a checkmark next to the applications you would like to subscribe the user to and click Subscribe to Application(s).

Step 4. The invitation information displays. You can designate a Subscription Period, if desired, which enforces a duration period for the account. Click Submit.

The users receives a confirmation email.

Invite a New User to an Existing Organization

How can I invite a user to an existing organization?

Follow the steps below to invite a new user to an existing organization:

Step 1. Always begin by searching for the user in the system. If you conducted a search, but were unable to locate the user, you should then search for the organization.

Step 2. On the search results page, click Search Organization.

Step 3. Enter the organization information. You can enter the name, Exostar ID, address, etc. Click Search.

Step 4. The search results may include one or more organization accounts. If multiple organizations display, select the organization by clicking the Organization Name.

Step 5. Select Add User to Organization.

Step 6. Enter the user details, and select the applications the user should subscribe to. You can enter a subscription period (optional), and a message to include in the email confirmation. Click Submit Request.

Step 7. Confirm the invitation information, and click Submit.

A confirmation page displays, and the user receives an email containing their registration information.

Invite a New Organization and User

How can I invite a new organization and a new user?

Follow the steps below to invite a new user to a new organization:

Step 1. Always begin by searching for the user in the system.

Step 2. If you conducted a search, but were unable to locate the user, search for the organization.

Step 3. If no organization matches are found, click Add User to New Organization to start the invitation process for both the Organization and the User.

Step 4. Verify no duplicate organizations exist by entering the Organization information and clicking Check for Duplicates.

Step 5. If no duplicates are found, verify the organization information, and select the applications to which you would like to subscribe the organization.

Step 6. Click Add User.

Step 7. Enter the user details. Click Submit Request.

Step 8. Enter an optional message to include with the email notification to the user. Click Submit Request.

Upon successfully submitting the request, the Invitation Success message displays. The user receives an email invitation containing a registration link.

Upload Users in Batch

Adoption Administrators can batch-upload multiple users from a single company to one or more applications in SAM. Before the upload, download and complete the SAM User Upload Template. For instructions on how to complete the template, see Appendix B of the SAM Administrator Guide. The batch upload can be used for all of the below invitation scenarios:

      • To invite new users and a new organization
      • To invite new users to an existing organization
      • To invite existing users to a new organization
      • To invite existing users to an existing organization

I filled out the template. What are the steps for the batch-upload?

Please note you can only subscribe users for applications for which you are a SP Administrator. If you attempt to subscribe them to an application your organization is not subscribed to, you receive an error message. 

To complete the upload, follow the steps below:

Step 1. From the Adoption tab, click User Upload.

Step 2. Click Pick a file, located the csv file, and click Upload. The uploaded file name displays.

Step 3. Click Validate. If the file contains errors, the errors display. Correct the errors, and re-upload the file.

Step 4. If there are no issues, you receive a green check mark. Click Search Organizations to locate the organization you are adding users to, or create a new organization.

Step 5. If you find the organization, click the Organization Name to add users to an existing organization.  If the organization does not exist, click the button Add User(s) to New Organization.

Step 6. In the new screen, click Add Users to Organization.

Step 7. Review the list of users, and click Commit to complete.

Step 8. Existing users are now subscribed to application(s). New users receive the activation email to activate their accounts.

Step 9. If no matches are found after searching for an organization, and you are certain there are no duplicates, click Add User(s) to New Organization.

Step 10. Select required fields (marked with an asterisk), and click Check for Duplicates.

Step 11. If no duplicates are found, organization details display. Click Confirm, and click Commit.  Existing users are now subscribed to the application(s).  New users receive the activation email to activate their account. However, If a match is found, click the organization name to add user to the organization.  If this is not a duplicate, click Ignore Duplicate and Request New Organization. New users receive the activation email to register their organization.

If you subscribe users to applications their organization is not subscribed to, the organization is automatically subscribed to these applications after the fact of the upload. Before the users can access these applications, their Org Admin must accept Terms and Conditions for the applications. This requirement applies only to Organization-Managed Organizations (OMOs), and not to Sponsor-Managed Organizations (SMOs).

Track Invitations

How can I track the status of issued invitations?

Follow the steps below to track existing invitations:

Step 1.  Log into the Exostar SAM Platform, and navigate to the Adoption Module.

Step 2.  Click the Track Invites link.

Step 3.  Select the desired Request Type from the dropdown menu. Request Type options include:

    • My Pending Invitations: All unaccepted invitations issued by the Administrator.
    • My Complete Invitations: All accepted invitations issued by the Administrator.
    • All Pending Invitations: If there are multiple adoption administrators, then this shows all in-progress invitations
    • All Complete invitations: Accepted invitations by all adoption administrators.

Step 4.  Select the desired Search By criteria. Search options include: email address of invitee, first name of Adoption Administrator, last name of Adoption Administrator, date the request was issued, date the request was complete (not available for pending requests), external Organization ID, external User ID, and Exostar ID.

Step 5.  Click Search. By default, only the invitations completed within the past 60 days display. To search for older invitations, use the Date Requested or Date Completed search criteria.

Step 6.  The search results display. Click the Request ID link to obtain information about the request, including: user name, user ID, email address, organization information, adoption administrator who invited the user, dates submitted and completed, and the status of the invitation.

For additional information, review the SAM Administrator Guide.

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