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SAIC Remote Identity Proofing

Process Overview

There are two types of remote identity proofing available: Experian and Webcam. To complete the remote identity proofing process, please see the sections below. Use the hyperlinked instructions to review that specific section:

Step 1.  Submit Proofing Request and Review Information

Step 2.  Purchase Identity Proofing Service

Step 3.  Complete Proofing

Please see the Identity Proofing FAQs page for additional information.

Prior to completing the process outlined below, we recommend you:

  • Review the entire process and all information received from SAIC and Exostar before beginning the proofing process.
  • You MUST review the purchase email sent to you by Exostar and please DO NOT DELETE the purchase email sent by Exostar, as it contains important information to help you complete the process.

  • Please ensure Exostar receives your correct legal information.

STEP 1. Submit Proofing Request and Review Information

To initiate the Identity Proofing process, an SAIC sponsor must submit an account request in the SAIC Cornerstone system for the non-employee in need of an account, which is then forwarded to Exostar for the purpose of Identity Proofing. Exostar issues an invitation via email to the non-employee. Non-employees MUST verify the information contained in the email. Additionally, the information received by Exostar MUST match the required documentation that will be presented during the proofing appointment. If any of the information is incorrect, please work with your SAIC sponsor. The information below should match the legal documents you must present to the notary official at your proofing appointment.

    • Legal First Name: (e.g. Hillary)
    • Legal Middle Name: (e.g. M or Michael)
    • Legal Last Name: (e.g. Reid)
    • Legal Suffix: (e.g. Sr.)
    • Country location: (e.g. US)
    • Name of the Company: (e.g. Exostar)
    • Business Phone: (e.g. 123-123-1234)

If any of the information presented above does NOT match your legal documents, please reach out to your SAIC sponsor prior to completing the purchase activities.  If you request updates to your information through SAIC, you will receive a second purchase notification from Exostar.  Please retain only this second notification.

IMPORTANT! If the information does not match your presented documents, you or your company incur a second proofing expense.

STEP 2. Purchase Proofing Service

To complete identity proofing, SAIC non-employees must purchase the proofing service (license key).  We strongly recommend completing the purchase after you receive the email instructing you to do so.   Purchase a license key only if one was NOT provided to you by SAIC.  If a license key was provided to you, skip this step; else, please use the following information to complete the purchase:

  • Email Address:
  • Contractor ID: User01 (Use this contractor ID as your initial password to complete the purchase)

IMPORTANT! Please review all the information listed in Exostar's Web Store. 

 Click here to view steps.

Step 1. Navigate to Exostar's Web Store at

NOTE: Review all the information listed on the purchase page.

Step 2. Click the Add to Cart button.

Step 3. Review your cart and click the Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 4. On the Payment Information page, select to pay via credit card or invoice. Fill out all required information. Click Continue.

Step 5.  On the Review and Submit Your Order page, click the Disclaimer link and review the information. Once you complete your review, select the checkbox next to I have read and acknowledged the following Disclaimer prior to purchase.

Step 6.  Click Submit Order.

NOTE: A license key is issued to you via email, once Exostar receives full payment. Secure the email received with the license key, as it is required to complete Step 4.

STEP 3. Complete Proofing

Identity Proofing refers to the process by which Exostar verifies the legitimacy of users' digital identities. SAIC requires identity proofing.  You must complete one of the two identity proofing methods offered by Exostar:

    • Experian Instant Proofing (complete online instantly)
    • Live Video Proofing (schedule a video proofing session with an agent) 

Experian Instant Proofing

Experian proofing is a credit bureau proofing process, which requires users to verify their identity by answering credit bureau-based questions. This option is available only to users located in the US. There are three possible outcomes for the Experian proofing: 

  • If you answer questions correctly, you successfully complete the proofing.
  • If you answer some questions incorrectly, but the credit bureau is able to locate you, you receive the activation code in 3 to 8 business days via postal mail.
  • If you answer questions incorrectly, you are prompted to schedule a live video proofing session. 

 Click here to view steps for Experian Proofing process.

Step 1.  Navigate to the SAIC Cornerstone system and enter the license key provided at purchase, to initiate the remote proofing process.

Step 2.  Complete required fields to verify your identity. If the last four digits of your SSN are not verifiable, you are prompted to enter all nine digits.

NOTE: Your personal information is not stored or saved by SAIC or Exostar.

Step 3.  Click Next. If agreeing to the identity verification, click Agree.

Step 4.  Answer credit history questions. Click Submit

NOTE: If incorrect answers are provided, but the credit bureau is able to locate you with your personal information, you receive an activation code in 3 to 8 business days via postal mail. If the credit bureau cannot locate you, you are routed to complete webcam proofing.

Live Video Proofing

During the Live Video Proofing session, you are asked to present a valid government-issued photo identification to prove your identity to Exostar's proofing agent. This can be done via a webcam or camera on your smartphone. Please note there is little time during the proofing session to troubleshoot any technical issues. Review the Live Video Proofing Resource page to prepare for your proofing session. Have all necessary items handy (the approved photo ID and a working webcam or smartphone), and run a Webex Systems Test (if joining via PC) or download a Cisco Webex Meetings App (if joining via phone). 

 Click here to view steps for Webcam Proofing process.

Step 1.  Navigate to the SAIC Cornerstone system and enter the license key provided at purchase, to initiate the proofing process.

Step 2.  Click Schedule an Appointment. Review the information and click Continue.

Step 3.  Select an appointment date and time from the calendar. Click Continue.

Step 4.  Enter required fields. Click Confirm.

NOTE: You receive a confirmation email. On your scheduled appointment date, an Exostar Proofing Agent contacts you.

Step 5.  Before your appointment, review the Live Video Proofing Resource page for assistance. 

NOTE: There is limited time to complete troubleshooting during your appointment. Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment requires you to reschedule.

Step 6.  You must present a valid, unexpired Government-issued photo identification, and answer a series of yes or no questions to prove your identity to an Exostar Proofing Agent over a live webcam-based proofing session.

NOTE: After successful completion of the webcam proofing, the proofing agent provides an activation code. If you fail the webcam proofing, the proofing agent provides further instructions.

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