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SAIC Overview


SAIC has contracted with Exostar for an Identity Proofing Service for non-SAIC employees.  Identity proofing requires non-employees to provide definitive evidence of their identity using government issued documentation. In addition, U.S. person eligibility verification is required by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and applies to a limited number of specific cases where a non-SAIC employee is working on contracts under ITAR regulations or other similar restrictions. In these instances, they are required to provide evidence that they are a U.S. person.  Non-employees will be required to perform one or more of the following verifications:

US Person Verification (USPV)

Eligibility verification:

  • First contact (Exostar Staff - Appointment Scheduling) upon submission of license key
  • Second contact (Notary Public - confirmation)
  • In-Person proofing
  • Packet processing by Exostar upon receipt from Notary Public

Remote Identity Proofing

Experian (KBA):

  • Available to US Applicants 24x7
  • Online Process takes 5-10 minutes
  • 3 Attempt Maximum


  • Available Worldwide 12x5
  • Offering ~70 appointments per day
  • Next-Day appointments typically available
  • 2 Attempt Maximum

Click the arrows below to review the different overall proofing workflows.

 USPV Workflow

USPV Workflow

Please select the image to enlarge:

 Remote Identity Proofing Workflow

Remote Identity Proofing Workflow

Please select the image to enlarge:

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