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Exostar provides the following services and applications to Rolls-Royce and their trading partners:

  • eTools represents a group of eBusiness applications used by Rolls-Royce and its supplier community.  eTools includes a simple subscription and fee structure for all suppliers and provides access to the following applications through a single login ID and password:

    • Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is used to manage Rolls-Royce suppliers that require access to the eTools set of applications, and other Exostar products. 
    • Federated Identity Service (FIS) provides digital certificates to R-R users for use cases such as accessing the R-R Global Supplier Portal, authenticating to a website, digitally signing a document, or encrypting an email. These digital certificates are often associated with the term PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).  eTools requires a basic digital certificate that is renewed annually.  Medium level certificates are also available through FIS and applicable for some business requirements when working with Rolls-Royce.

  • Global Supplier Portal (GSP) is managed by Rolls-Royce, but is accessed through Exostar's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly known as MAG).  The Global Supplier Portal creates an interactive online location for Rolls-Royce and suppliers to conduct business transactions, post key information, answer questions, and resolve business issues.
  • Supply Chain Platform (SCP-RR) is used by suppliers to view and respond to planning schedules. There is also visibility to goods receipts, invoice status and long term forecasts. SCP-RR allows suppliers to view and respond to orders and outline agreements. Rolls-Royce Marine suppliers can use SCP-RR to view and respond to orders, view goods receipts from Rolls-Royce and create advance shipment notifications.
  • SourcePass allows Rolls-Royce to collaborate with suppliers on its procurement (sourcing) needs. Suppliers can respond to RFI/RFPs/RFQs and participate in e-auctions within SourcePass. The response/bid information can be analyzed and suppliers can be awarded business within SourcePass. 
  • ForumPass enables Rolls-Royce and its partner organizations to work together in a shared internet-based workspace. ForumPass is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform and is most commonly used for project and workflow collaboration.
  • Secure File Transfer is a secure, cloud-hosted application for sending and receiving digital packages securely. The application is powered by a patented third party transmission protocol technology that maximizes the throughput over a standard Internet connection. 

The following applications are available to Rolls-Royce employees:

  • Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows R-R employees to use their R-R network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as the Boeing Supplier Portal, instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.
  • LDAP Proxy is a directory look-up service provided by Exostar for R-R users who have been issued digital certificates by Exostar. Using a simplified and automatic look-up function, R-R users that have registered their public keys can send secure and encrypted email to other R-R users and even users within other Exostar customer organizations.

News and Announcements

RR SCP 19.1 Upgrade went live on May 10, 2019. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

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