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Renew Certificates

Renew Credentials

You may renew your certificates 90 days prior to expiration. If you have expiring certificates, you must not reapply for certificates, unless you are attempting to upgrade the certificate assurance level.

For FIS MLOA Software and Hardware certificates, you must download your renewed certificates using your existing unexpired certificates. 

To renew your certificates:

Step 1.  Use your unexpired certificates to log into Exostar’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly MAG).

Step 2.  Click your My Account tab, the Manage Certificates sub-tab, then the Renew Certificates tab.

     NOTE: If you are not logged-in with any digital certificates, you are required to log-in with the certificates you are attempting to renew. A screen displays a link to login with your credentials.

Step 3.  Click the Renew button.

Step 4.  Optionally, provide a sponsor code if one is available to you. Click Next.

A confirmation screen displays.

Next Steps:

Once you submit your certificate renewal request, the following actions will happen:

  • You receive two confirmation emails your request for renewal has been submitted to the FIS Administrator (FISA) for approval.
  • The FISA receives a notification to approve your request.
  • If the FISA approves your request, you receive an approval email with a passcode to download your certificates.

Download Renewal Certificates

Prerequisites to download renewed certificates:

  • Login to Exostar’s IAM Platform (formerly MAG) with your User ID & password AND the certificates you renewed.
  • The passcode you received in the Certificate Renewal Approval email.

To download your renewed certificates:

Step 1.  Once you are logged in, go to the My Account tab, Manage Certificates/Download Certificates sub-tab.

     NOTE: Skip to Step 3 if you are downloading renewal certificates other than FIS MLOA hardware.

Step 2.  Complete system check for FIS MLOA Hardware certificates.

     NOTE: Your renewal confirmation email provides a link to the system check. Follow the instructions provided in the email to complete the system check and clearing of encryption and signature certificates from your FIS MLOA Hardware token.

Step 3.  Click the Download button to proceed. The remainder of the process follows the basic download. Please see previous download sections for more information.

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