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Release Notes - Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal 1.4 Overview - September 2020

We are pleased to announce that Exostar's Supplier Portal will be upgraded to Version 1.4 on September 18, 2020. Please see the sections below for application enhancements:


The Exostar Supplier Portal greatly enhances the Supplier experience by creating a single point of entry where Suppliers have secure and clear access to all relevant business content (news, articles, forms, and announcements), links to appropriate applications, and notifications of actionable information from multiple sources and applications.

New Features

The following sections outline the new features for Supplier Portal 1.4. 

Configurable "I Want To"

The "I Want To" widget feature is now configurable.  In previous releases, the links in the widget could not be changed.  With version 1.4, users with the appropriate permissions can create their own links to add to the widget. 


A breadcrumb trail has been added to the upper left corner of the portal to help user navigation by displaying the name of the portal, area, and page they are currently viewing.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board has become a widget.  All existing functionality introduced in version 1.3 can be accessed through the Bulletin Board widget.

Additional Page Layouts

Supplier Portal v1.4 will introduce three additional page layouts.  Administrators can choose from 6 layouts when creating pages.

Delete and Recycle Bin Recovery

Administrators will be able to delete Portal Areas or Pages.  The deleted areas or pages will appear in the portal recycle bin, where they can be recovered up to 90 days from the deletion date.

Portal Welcome and Getting Started Pages

The system will provide a "Getting Started" and "Welcome" page that contains help-related content for using Supplier Portal.

Contact List Widget

The Contact List has become a widget and contains the same capabilities as the 1.3 version. Users can perform tasks such as adding users, deleting contacts, exporting contact lists, and searching for users.  

Sourcing – Open Event Summary

The Event Summary widget displays summary information about sourcing events that the Supplier has been invited to and that are currently in the open state.  The widget is in a table format consisting of 3 columns displaying the name of the event, the event type, and the event closing date.

Sourcing - Event Activity Summary

The Event Management widget displays activities that require the Supplier to review or take action. 

Known Issues

Contact List widget doesn't show all icon options when positioned in certain layouts.

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