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Release Notes - One Time Password

One Time Password (OTP) Release Notes - October 2020

Exostar is pleased to announce that our Secure One Time Password (SOTP)/ ProviderPass service will be upgraded to Version 2.10.2 on October 6th, 2020 in UAT and on October 13th, 2020 in Production. 

No down time or service impact is expected. Customers can continue to use the service as normal during the maintenance.

SOTP 2.10.2 Enhancements include the following:

SMS and Voice OTP delivery update:

  • Upgrades to a more resilient and reliable mechanism to deliver OTP codes via SMS and Voice call for domestic and international customers.

Notification formats will be updated as follows:  

  • SMS Text:
    Your Exostar Service verification code is: xxxxxx  
  • Voice TTS:
    Hi, To hear your phone verification code for Exostar press 9:  <User input>Thank You. Your code is xxxxxx 

Bug fixes and maintenance

Bugs are fixed related to webcam proofing resumption, missing emails, and updates to the COTS that are used within the SOTP application.

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