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Release Notes - ForumPass

ForumPass 7 Release Notes – July 2020 (US)/ June-July 2021 (UK)

ForumPass 7 includes a core technology upgrade from MS SharePoint 2013 to MS SharePoint 2016, providing customers with increased performance and scalability while ensuring continued platform support. ForumPass 7 retains the familiar Microsoft user interface and includes some additional features such as ‘Microsoft Office Online Server’ allowing the editing of documents within the browser.

Key Functionality in this Release

  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2016
  • Upgrade to Seclore Server (for ForumPass Defense subscribers)

For a detailed description of the differences between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016, please reference the Microsoft Support site. A few SharePoint 2013 features are no longer available in SharePoint 2016. Here is the complete list, with potential workarounds.

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