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Register New Fujitsu Customer

Register an Organization in MAG Video

The following video walks through the MAG invitation and registration process for a new Fujitsu customer.

Invitation Process

How do I invite a new customer to access Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) and ForumPass?

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Step 1.    Fujitsu signs new customer.

Step 2.    Fujitsu submits information sheet to Stacey.

Step 3.    Stacey opens case and sends to Exostar's Onboarding Team.

Step 4.    Onboarding sends organization invitation to new customer.

Step 5.    New customer completes organization registration.

Step 6.    Onboarding approves registration (DPL).

Step 7.    Fujitsu purchases credential on behalf of customer.

Step 8.    Fujitsu receives credential activations (license keys).

Step 9.    Fujitsu emails credential license keys to new customer.

Step 10.  New customer users get email.

Step 11.  Onboarding creates site collection in ForumPass.

Step 12.  New customer initiates registration.

Step 13.  New customer submits the license provided by Fujitsu by selecting I have a license key.  The customer should not be purchasing the OTP credential.

Step 14.  Fujitsu initiates any end user training for ForumPass for new customers.

User Registration

How does a user register for an Exostar MAG account?

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Organization Administrators can create user accounts.  Users receive an email with login information and first-time login instructions.  Additionally, users can register for an account by completing a self-registration invitation sent by their Organization Administrator.

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