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Register to Access Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay

You will need to register for an Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) account in order to access LMP2P.   Without an Exostar account, you will be unable to access LMP2P to conduct business with Lockheed Martin.  Please contact your Lockheed Martin buyer if your organization has not been invited to access LMP2P. 

If your organization already has an Exostar IAM (MAG) account, but you need a user account, please work with the Organization Administrator in your company to have your user account created. To access the applications, request access from you Home dashboard. The Application Administrator from your company will be responsible for approving your access. 

To look up the names for your company administrators, follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Navigate to the My Account tab in IAM (MAG), click View Organization Details.

Step 2.  Scroll to the Administrators section.   Please note that for Application Administrators, the application column allows you to determine the application that the administrator is responsible for.

Register Multi-Factor Authentication Security Credentials

In addition to your IAM (MAG) User ID and Password, a multi-factor authentication security credential is required to access LMP2P applications.  This credential adds a layer of security in addition to username and password to better protect your account from unauthorized access. You can either purchase a new credential or register an existing one. When you are ready to register your credential, pick your credential type to proceed with the next steps:

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