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Register - SFT

Account Registration

Secure File Transfer is housed behind Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG), so in order to access SFT, you must have a MAG account. Please see the different scenarios below for more information.

MAG Account, not Subscribed to SFT

This scenario assumes your organization currently has a MAG account, but is not currently subscribed to SFT. In order to complete your SFT subscription:

Step 1.  Receive a confirmation email from Exostar.

     NOTE: You receive a confirmation email from Exostar's system notifying you your organization was subscribed to the SFT application. 

Step 2.  If you already have a MAG user account, proceed to Step 3. If you are a new user, complete First-Time Login.

Step 3.  Download IBM Aspera Connect plugin.

Step 4.  Login to MAG with your username and password, and on the Home tab, select Open Application next to SFT.

MAG Account, Subscribed to SFT

This scenario assumes your organization currently has a MAG account and is currently subscribed to SFT. In order to access SFT:

Step 1.  Receive email confirmation.

     NOTE: You will receive an email confirmation from Exostar's system that you were granted access SFT.

Step 2.  Login to MAG to access the SFT application.

No MAG Account

This scenario assumes your organization does not currently have a MAG account, and are therefore not subscribed to any applications. Follow the steps below to complete registration:

Step 1. Receive email invitation from Exostar and select Register Now link, or complete organization registration.

     NOTE: The subject line of the email is You’re Invited to Collaborate with [Company Name].

Step 2.  Enter Captcha code provided on screen and click Continue.

Step 3.  Click Continue again to proceed with registration.

Step 4.  Complete Organization Profile.

     NOTE: Enter organization details. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Step 5.  Click Next to create or select an Organization Administrator.

     NOTE: The Organization Administrator is responsible for creating and managing users in your organization. 

Step 6.  Click Next.

Step 7.  Enter One Time Password. Click Create.  

     NOTE: You are responsible for communicating the One Time Password to the user.

Step 8.  Create or select Application Administrator(s). Click Next.

     NOTE: The Application Administrator is responsible for approving access to a specific application. 

Step 9.  Review registration details. Click Submit.

     NOTE: Exostar will receive your request for approval.  Account review may take up to two business days.  Once the account is approved, the designated Organization and Application Administrator will receive an email with their Exostar User ID and next steps.

For additional information on Organization Registration, please go to the Account Registration Assistance page and please see the Login Assistance page for more information on MAG access.

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