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Register - Rolls-Royce

Register to Access eTools

You will need to register for an Exostar Manged Access Gateway (MAG) account to access the eTools bundle of applications: Supply Chain Platform - Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal, and SourcePass. Companies must be invited to register by a Rolls-Royce buyer.  After you receive an invitation from Exostar, you will need to register your company for a Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account to access eTools.  For step-by-step instructions on how to accept an invitation and register for a MAG account or to invite suppliers, please use this guide.

If your company has an organizational account, but you need a user account or access to the e-Tools applications, reach out to the  Organization and/or Application Administrators at your company. 

To look up the names for your company administrators, complete the following steps:

Step 1.  Navigate to the My Account tab in MAG, click View Organization Details.

Step 2.  Scroll to the Administrators section.   Please note that for Application Administrators, the application column allows you to determine the application that the administrator is responsible for.

ForumPass and Federated Identity Service

Please contact your Rolls-Royce business contact to raise a Sponsored User Request using the RR defined process.  Exostar will process the request and send an email with additional instructions.  

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