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Sponsored and Non-Sponsored OTP Credentials

Is your One Time Password (OTP) credential sponsored by the buyer’s company? If the buyer is sponsoring your credential, you will receive an email informing you about the sponsorship. Without sponsorship, you will need to purchase your own credential. Both sponsored and non-sponsored credentials have to be registered and activated.

Start the OTP Registration Process

To register your OTP Hardware Token, Phone OTP, or Exostar Mobile ID, follow the instructions below. If you are registering the OTP hardware token, you must have the physical token available during the process of registration.

For credentials with identity proofing, proofing must be completed before registration. After proofing is complete, the system will either prompt you to activate credential automatically (for instant proofing), or the agent will give you the proofing activation code to register your credential. Please reference the Identity Proofing section for additional information. Please note that if you purchased the Exostar Mobile ID bundle, identity proofing has to be completed only once.  Proofing is automatically applied to the remaining products.

Step 1.  Start the registration process. If you are registering an OTP Hardware Token, you must have the physical token to complete registration. If you need to complete your first Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) login, and you have reached the Let’s Get Credentialed page, proceed to Step 2.   If you already have an Exostar MAG account, go to My Account, and then click Manage OTP.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials.

Step 2. Pick Scenario 1 or 2, whichever describes your situation more accurately, and complete the steps.

Scenario 1:  You are registering an OTP credential that you have purchased. 

From the Let’s Get Credentialed page, click Get/Activate Credentials and click Continue. Click I Have a License Key, enter your key, and click Activate. You will receive the software license key via email.

Scenario 2:  You are registering an OTP credential that is sponsored by your buyer. A software license key is not required for activation. 

From the Let’s Get Credentialed page, select Get/Activate Credentials and click Continue. For an OTP Hardware Token, enter your shipping address. The token will arrive within 3-5 business days.  After receiving your physical token, complete your registration.

Step 3.  Confirm your profile by ensuring your name matches the legal name as displayed on your legal documentation then click Next.

Step 4 .  Pick Scenario 1, 2 or 3 , whichever describes your situation more accurately, and complete the steps.

Scenario 1:  You successfully completed Experian Instant Proofing and successfully completed questions, click Activate.

Scenario 2:  You successfully completed Agent-Based Webcam Proofing.  From the My Account tab of your MAG account, click Manage OTP. Click Purchase or Register or Credentials. Enter the proofing activation code provided to you by the Proofing Agent. Do not discard your proofing activation code until you have successfully registered your OTP credential. Click Continue then click Activate.

Scenario 3:  If you are registering a credential without identity proofing, proceed to Step 5

Step 5. To complete your registration, follow the steps for your token type: OTP Hardware Token, Phone OTP, or Exostar Mobile ID.  

OTP Hardware Token Registration 

To complete registration, you must have the physical token. From the Hardware Setup & Activation page, enter the token serial number (found on the back of your OTP Hardware Token). Press the token button, and enter the 8-digit code in the Token Code 1 field. Wait 30 seconds, and press the token button a second time. Enter the new 8-digit code in the Token Code 2 field. Click Submit.

Phone OTP Registration

From the Credentials-Activate page, click Activate. Choose your delivery method—Text Capable or Voice Only—to receive the OTP code. Complete all required fields, and click Register. Enter the received verification code, and click Continue. Your registration is complete. Please note that you can register up to three phones.

Exostar Mobile ID Registration

From the Credentials-Activate page, click Activate.  Enter required fields then click Register.  Install Authy TM on your mobile device. This can be found on your mobile app store.  Check the Authy app on your mobile device to obtain your MAG token id. Complete the process by clicking One Touch. View the push notification or app from your mobile device to approve. If this is unsuccessful, obtain a token ID from the app. Enter the token id in the Token field and click Verify.

Add Identity Proofing Upgrade to OTP Credential

If you already have a One Time Password (OTP) credential, but need to add proofing to it in order to access your partner’s application, it can be done via an upgrade to your existing OTP credential. Please follow the steps below to upgrade with identity proofing.

Purchase Proofing Upgrade

To purchase the identity proofing upgrade:

Step 1.  Log into your Exostar MAG account.
Step 2.  After logging in, click Billing and Support located in upper, right corner of page.
Step 3.  You are required to select a role. Choose role by clicking External: Customer in the Role column.
Step 4.  To access Exostar’s webstore, click Exostar Web Store-Home Page from the blue banner (towards top of the page).
Step 5.  You are presented with the Exostar E-Commerce Webstore Portal. Locate the credential type you have by scrolling down and locating the credential.
Step 6.  Click Purchase Now next to the credential name.
Step 7.  From the product page, select your partner from the drop-down menu.
Step 8.  After selecting your partner, product options display. 
Step 9.  From the Proofing Upgrade option, click View Available Upgrades.
Step 10.  The Add Proofing to MAG accounts page displays. Select your Exostar MAG User ID you want to add the identity proofing upgrade to.
Step 11.  Click Add Upgrades to Cart then complete the checkout process.
Step 12.  After you have completed a purchase, you are required to log into your Exostar MAG account to complete the upgrade.

Add the Purchased Upgrade to the Existing OTP Credential

Follow the steps below to add your purchased upgrade to your existing OTP credential:

Step 1.  Log into your Exostar MAG account with your OTP credential.

Step 2.  Click My Account and then click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  From the Proofing Upgrade section, review What is Required of Me then check the box after reviewing. Once reviewed, click Upgrade

Step 4.  Confirm your profile by completing name fields and selecting country. Your name should match the legal name that displays on your passport or legal documentation. Required fields are marked with asterisks.

  • If you are located in the United States, please select United States. You will advance to the Experian proofing process after clicking Next.
  • If you are located outside of the United States, please select your country.  You will be directed to schedule a webcam video proofing appointment after clicking Next

Step 5.  If you answer Experian proofing questions correctly, you will return back to the Manage OTP section of your Exostar MAG account and your OTP credential is automatically upgraded with proofing.   You will be able to access your partner’s application by clicking on the Home tab. If you are unable to access the application, logout of your Exostar account, and then log back in with your upgraded credential.  If you answer the Experian questions incorrectly, but Experian can locate you by your address, you will receive an activation code in 3-8 business days.

Step 6.  If you answered questions incorrectly and Experian is unable to locate your address, you will be directed to schedule a webcam video proofing interview. Review the Live Video Proofing Resource page to prepare for the interview. Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment will require you to reschedule via your Exostar MAG account.

Step 7.  Once you successfully complete the webcam interview, you will receive an activation code along with the instructions for the next steps. You will have 30 days to complete your upgrade.

NOTE: Before your appointment, review the Live Video Proofing Resource page for assistance There is limited time to complete troubleshooting during your appointment. Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment will require you to reschedule via your Exostar MAG account.

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