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Register - Lockheed Martin P2P

If your organization is not registered with Exostar or needs access to P2P

Step 1.  Your organization needs to be invited to the application by a Lockheed Martin procurement representative. Please coordinate with your LMCO point of contact. 

Step 2.   After you have been invited, you receive an email from Exostar with additional instructions.  During the registration process, you will create a TPM profile. Details on this process can be found here.

If your organization has an Exostar MAG account with P2P access but you need a MAG User ID

Step 1.  Click here to complete an Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG)  self-user registration request.  You will need your company's Exostar MAG Organization ID to complete the user registration.  You can also work with your MAG Organization Administrator.  Your Organization Administrator can create an account on your behalf.  LMP2P needs to be selected for application access.

Step 2.  After you submit your user registration, your organization's MAG Organization Administrator needs to approve your request for an account.  Your organization's LMP2P Application Administrator needs to approve your request to the LMP2P portal.

Step 3.  After your request is approved, you receive an automated email with log in credentials and instructions.

NOTE:  If you do not know your Organization ID, please ask any MAG user in your organization to log into MAG and click on the My Account tab. The Organization ID appears in the User Profile section.

If you have an Exostar MAG User ID and do not have access to P2P but your organization is subscribed to P2P

Step 1.  Log in to your MAG account then click the Home tab.

Step 2.  From the Home tab, the list of applications your organization is subscribed to displays,  Click Request Access next to Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P).

Step 3.  After submitting your request, your organization's Application Administrator for LMP2P is required to approve access.

Step 4.  Once application access is authorized, you will have access to LMP2P.  The application status says Open Application.  Please note that you require a multi-factor authentication credential to access LMP2P.

If you need to register multi-factor authentication credentials

Please click the required credential for additional information:

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