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Account Registration

In order to access the Contracts Form in Partner Information Manager (PIM), you must have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account, as well as a Phone OTP without Proofing credential. Your organization must first have an Exostar MAG account before users can obtain access. 

IMPORTANT!  To access PIM, you must have a registered Phone OTP without Identity Proofing credential.  Without the credential, you are unable to access the PIM application for form completion.

No MAG Account

Your organization must be invited by Harris to access PIM.  If Harris has selected to do business with your organization, a point of contact within your organization received an Exostar organization registration invitation for PIM access. 

This invitation process involves assigning administrative roles for the organization's account.  Once the invitation has been completed, it is routed to Exostar for approval.  If approved, individuals assigned administrative roles receive the first time login email. 

During the first login process, users assigned with the Organization Administrator or PIM Application Administrator must accept the PIM application Terms and Conditions before any user within the organization can request PIM access.

MAG Organization Account, No User Account

If you know your organization has an Exostar MAG account, but you do not have a user account, you must work with your Exostar MAG Organization Administrator.   If you do not know your organization's Organization Administrator, please contact Exostar Customer Support for assistance. 

MAG Account, Not Subscribed to PIM

If your organization is subscribed to PIM, Partner Information Manager (PIM) displays as a listed application from the Home Dashboard view.   After logging into your MAG account and PIM does not display in your applications list from the Home Dashboard view, your organization is not subscribed to PIM.  Your organization must be invited by Harris to access PIM.  Please work with Harris for your organization's PIM subscription.

MAG Account, Subscribed to PIM

If your organization is subscribed to PIM, Partner Information Manager (PIM) displays as a listed application from the Home Dashboard view. To access PIM, click Open Application next to PIM.  If you are not logged in with the Phone OTP credential, you won't be able to access the application.

Credential Registration

Follow the steps below to register Phone OTP without Proofing.

Step 1.  If you are completing a new organization registration and need to activate credentials, click Continue from the Let’s Get Credentialed page.  If you have an existing MAG account, go to My Account and click Manage OTP. Click Purchase or Register Credentials.

Step 2.  You are registering a Sponsored Phone OTP credential (your credential is paid for by your partner buyer organization), a license key is not required for activation.  From the Let’s Get Credentialed page, select Get/Activate Credentials, click Continue.

Step 3.  Click Continue again. 

Step 4.  Confirm your profile to proceed.

Step 5.  After activating your license key, confirm your profile. Ensure your name matches the legal name as displayed on your legal documentation. Click Next.

Step 6.  Choose delivery method (Text Capable or Voice Only) for the OTP codeEnter required fields. Click Register.

Step 7.  Enter the received verification code. The code was sent to the device you selected. Click Register. You have two minutes to enter to the code. You can resend the code.

Step 8. You successfully registered your phone. You can register up to three phones. If completed, click I’m Done.

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