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ForumPass Defense Customers: to avoid account suspension, please click here

In order to access ForumPass, you must have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Overview account. Regardless of the scenario listed below, you should receive an email invitation to register or email confirmation of access. Please see the different scenarios below for more information.

MAG Account, not Subscribed to ForumPass

This scenario assumes your organization currently has a MAG account, but is not currently subscribed to ForumPass. In order to complete your ForumPass subscription:

After you receive a confirmation email from Exostar notifying you your organization is subscribed to ForumPass, as well as an email notifying you of the required credentialing. 

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account. Click the Get 2FA Credentials button (if required). 

Step 2.  From your MAG Dashboard, in the Applications section, select Request Applications sub-tab. 

Step 3.  Find the ForumPass application and click the Launch button.

MAG Account, Subscribed to ForumPass

This scenario assumes your organization currently has a MAG account and is currently subscribed to ForumPass. In order to access to the desired solution:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account, and enter your username and password. 

Step 2.  Under the Applications section, click the Launch button under the ForumPass application (US or UK).

No MAG Account

This scenario assumes your organization does not currently have a MAG account, and are therefore not subscribed to any applications. Follow the steps below to complete registration:

Step 1.  Click the Registration link to register your company for a Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account. Complete all the fields required for registration, then click Submit. 

Step 2.  After you submit your registration, Exostar will review your registration request within 24-48 business hours. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions.

NOTE:  The person who completes the registration will be automatically assigned the role of Organization Administrator. Click here to learn more about MAG Administrator Roles

Step 3.  From the Account Activation email, click the Activate My Account button. Next complete the steps to create your password and setup your security questions. Then click Next.

Step 4.  A confirmation screen will display, then click Go To Dashboard button to access your MAG account.

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