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To begin the FIS process after purchase completion, someone must submit a request to Exostar one of three ways: self-registration, administrator registration on your behalf, or Exostar can request access on your behalf. You must have an existing Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account, and your organization must be subscribed to FIS before you can request FIS access. Please refer to the MAG Downloadable Guides page for details on obtaining an organization account and user account.

Self or Administrator Registration

Please follow the steps below to complete the self-registration process:

Step 1.  Once you successfully login to Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG), on your Home tab, locate Federated Identity Service (FIS) under My Applications. Select the Request Access link under the Status column.

Step 2.  Fill out all necessary information under the FIS Certificate Information section:

  • Partner/Application
  • Certificate Assurance Level
  • Certificate Usage
  • Certificate Type
  • Certificate Validity Period
  • Request Reason

Step 3.  Fill out all necessary information under the User Information section. Click Next.


    • At this point, you receive a submission confirmation screen with a reference number.
    • The process for administrator registration only varies by the administrator filling out the customer’s information and approving on their end, which removes the customer’s responsibilities for requesting access themselves.

Exostar Registration on User's Behalf

Exostar Administrators can issue individual invitations on a customer’s behalf. Once Exostar issues an FIS invitation, the user's FIS Administrator must approve the request. If the invite was issued for Medium Level Hardware or Software, Exostar receives the user's FIS request to action accordingly, otherwise, the use can proceed with downloading their Basic Level of Assurance Certificates.

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