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Individual Managed Access Gateway (MAG) users can request access to Federated Identity Service (FIS), only if their company is set up for an organizational MAG account, and has an active FIS subscription. To set up access to FIS, pick the registration scenario that fits your situation best:

Organization without a MAG Account

My company does not have a MAG account. How can I set up a MAG account and request FIS access for my company?

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If your company is not set up in MAG, request a Point of Contact in your company to complete the following steps:

Step 1.  Access the Exostar Organization Registration page, and register your company for a Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account. During registration, assign an Organization Administrator, check the box for FIS under Products & Services, enter the number of certificates, and assign the FIS Administrator. Click Submit.

Step 2.  After you submit your registration, Exostar reviews your registration request within 72 business hours. If your registration is approved, you receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions.

Organization with a MAG Account, not Subscribed to FIS 

My company has a MAG account, but we are not subscribed to FIS. How can I subscribe my company to FIS?

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If your company is already set up in MAG, but is not subscribed to FIS, the Organization Administrator from your company must request access to FIS before company users can start using FIS. The Organization Administrator must complete the following steps:

Step 1.  Log in to your MAG account. Under the Applications section in the Home tab, scroll down to Federated Identity Service (FIS), and click Request Access.

Step 2.  After you submit the request, an Exostar Administrator approves the organization request.

Step 3.  After the organization request is approved, you (Organization Administrator) must accept the FIS Terms and Conditions. After the terms are accepted, company users see the Request Access link right next to FIS in their Home tab.

Organization with a MAG Account, Subscribed to FIS  

My company has a MAG account and subscription to FIS. How can I request access to FIS as a regular MAG user without admin privileges? 

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If your company is set up in MAG and has an organizational subscription to FIS, all company users can request access to FIS directly from the Home tab in their MAG accounts. Users must complete the below steps to request FIS access:

Step 1.  Log into to your Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account.

Step 2.  From the Home tab, scroll down and locate Federated Identity Service (FIS) under My Applications. Click the Request Access link under the Status column.

Step 3.  Fill out all necessary information under the FIS Certificate Information section:

  • Partner/Application
  • Certificate Assurance Level
  • Certificate Usage
  • Certificate Type
  • Certificate Validity Period
  • Request Reason

NOTE: Please ensure the Certificate Assurance Level, Certificate Type, and Certificate Validity Period match your FIS purchase, especially for Medium Level of Assurance. If these things do not match your purchase, they are subject to denial from Exostar, and you must reapply with corrected information.

Step 4.  Fill out all necessary information under the User Information section. Click Next.

Receive a submission confirmation screen with the reference number. 

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