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To complete the registration process to access DCS, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  A DCS Administrator invites the user to the DCS application. The user receives an invitation via email and must complete first-time login via the link provided. Users who already completed first-time login should receive information about logging into Secure Access Manager (SAM).

Step 2.  Under My Applications, locate Digital Certificate Service and select the Register link.

Step 3.  Confirm your profile by selecting from the Country drop-down menu. Click Next.

Step 4.  Complete the Experian proofing process by entering your personal information. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Click I Agree to proceed.

Step 5.  Experian presents a list of questions. If you successfully complete these questions, you are instructed to register your phone in Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM).

Step 6.  Enter the phone number you wish to register and click Send Code.

NOTE: You receive your verification code via a phone call if you select the Voice Message delivery option or via text if you selected the Text Message delivery option.

Step 7.  Enter your Verification Code. Click Submit

Step 8.  A confirmation screen displays, alerting that you successfully registered your phone. Click Complete.

NOTE: You should now see the Manage OTP section in your SAM profile. Your credential strength, displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, is Username and Password. If you do not see the Manage OTP page, please verify what your credential strength is. It may display as Phone OTP (and not username and password). If this is the case, you do not need to elevate your credential strength and can skip to step 12.

Step 9.  You must access DCS with the credential strength of Phone OTP. To change the credential strength, click Elevate. You are required to authenticate your Phone OTP credential. Select your preferred phone and delivery method. Click Send.

Step 10.  Enter the OTP code you received via phone call or text message.

Step 11.  Once you enter your OTP code, click Submit. If you did not receive an OTP code, click Resend.

NOTE: Your credential strength changes from Username and Password to Phone OTP. You receive a notification your increased credential strength has been granted.

Step 12. Return to the Home dashboard to access the DCS application. Click Open Application to obtain your Medium Hardware or Software Digital Certificate.

Step 13.  Click Enroll. You are prompted to choose Medium Level of Assurance Digital Hardware or Software Certificates.

Step 14.  Select the validity period and the access reason. Click Next and a confirmation screen displays. 

NOTE: The request is routed to the DCS Administrator for approval. Once the DCS Administrator approves, the request is routed to Exostar for final approval.

Step 15.  Once Exostar approves the request, log into your SAM account and access the DCS application. After reviewing the information, click Agree and Download to begin the installation process.

NOTE: If you experience issues installing your certificates, reference the DCS System Check, DCS Certificate Download Requirements Guide and DCS FAQs. If you select Medium Level of Assurance Hardware Digital Certificates, make sure your token is plugged in before you complete the installation process.

When you successfully install the certificates, you can sign and execute documents.

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