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Thank you for your interest in Exostar's Supplier Membership! Thousands of preferred Aerospace and Defense companies have already signed up to benefit from Exostar's Supplier Membership.

By registering for this service, you provide your company with the following unique benefits:

  • A new sales channel. An effective way to conduct business with your customers over the Internet: fast, secure, and standard.
  • Unlimited access to Exostar's Supply Chain Platform (SCP). Exchange unlimited transactions with any number of trading partners in a SINGLE STANDARD electronic form using the latest in order management and invoicing from Exostar. In addition, starting soon, the newest version of Supply Chain Platform (SCP) will provide even greater functionality and ease of use.
  • Using Exostar's SourcePass Application, respond to a specific RFQ/RFX or participate in a pre-scheduled reverse auction should you be invited.
  • Listing in Trading Partner Directory. Display your latest company information in Exostar's comprehensive sourcing directory used by the leading Aerospace & Defense buyers.
  • Receive members-only updates. Regular newsletter and networking events exclusively accessible to Exostar members will allow you to keep track of the latest trends and news in Aerospace & Defense electronic procurement, sourcing and collaboration from the voice of your colleagues and customers.

Exostar offers seven levels of membership based on a tiered pricing structure associated with the volume of transactions your organization exchanges (see chart below). As a new registrant with Exostar, you will not be billed at this time. However, nine (9) months after your registration is submitted, your membership level will be assessed based on the number of transactions you exchanged during that 9-month period and you will be invoiced at the appropriate level at that time. You will be invoiced in advance for all subsequent years of membership. Your subscription is valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

IMPORTANT: There is no charge for RFQ/RFP/RFI & Reverse Auctions using Exostar's SourcePass.

  Membership Level

 Transaction Volume1, 2

 Membership Fee

Free Supplier Membership

0-50 per year


Copper Supplier Membership51-100 per year$250

Bronze Supplier Membership

101-500 per year 


Silver Supplier Membership

501-1000 per year 


Gold Supplier Membership

1,001-1,500 per year


Diamond Supplier Membership

1,501-5,000 per year


Platinum Supplier Membership

5,001-10,000 per year


Unlimited Supplier Membership

Over 10,001 per year


Pricing in effect as of May 1, 2020.

Assessment policy: In order to assess your first year’s membership level and associated fee, transaction volume will be assessed 9 months after the registration date, extrapolated to establish a 12-month forecasted volume. The following year’s membership level and fee will also be based on the first 9 months of transactions, extrapolated to establish a 12-month forecasted volume. All subsequent years’ membership levels and fees will be based on the previous 12 months of transactions.

Transaction Types include: Discrete Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Changes, Blanket Purchase Orders, Blanket PO Changes, Blanket Releases, Schedule Agreements, EDC Notifications, Advance Ship Notices, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Forecasts, Planning Schedules, Long Term Forecasts, Long Term Plan Schedules, Inventory Status, Pull Requests, VMI Inventory Status, Shipment to Hub, and Hub Receipts. Responses from your company to Purchase Orders, Schedules, RFQ, RFI, RFP or participation in reverse auction ARE NOT included in your transaction assessment.

The following registration process takes only a few minutes and consists of just two simple steps:
Step 1.  Enter your company information here: Register
Step 2.  Review and approve the Supplier Membership Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Exostar membership or this registration process, please feel free to contact Exostar Customer Support.

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