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Register - BP

Step 1.  Complete Organization Registration. Organizations requiring first-time access to Boeing's Portals (BP) through Exostar must contact a Boeing Procurement Agent to be invited to complete the registration.  The company must already be an established Boeing Supplier.    

Step 2.  Assign Organization Administrators and Application Administrators. One or more employees of the supplier company must fill the Exostar's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly known as MAG) Organization and Application Administrator roles.  

Step 3.  Register individual accounts in Exostar's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly known as MAG). Users work with their Organization Administrator to create their individual IAM accounts.  Users accessing Boeing's Portals require their own Exostar IAM User ID.

Step 4.  Complete One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token purchase. An Exostar OTP Hardware Token is required to access Boeing's Portals. Individuals accessing the portal require their own token.  Boeing's Portals also accept the following credentials:   

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