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Raytheon Overview


Exostar provides the following services and applications to Raytheon and their trading partners:

  • Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is used to manage Raytheon suppliers that require access to Raytheon applications. Suppliers are issued a username/password credential by Exostar and ongoing administration of users is managed within MAG.

Applications available within Exostar's MAG:

  • Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows Raytheon employees to use their Raytheon network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as the Boeing Supplier Portal, instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.

  • ForumPass enables Raytheon and its partner organizations to work together in a shared internet-based workspace. ForumPass is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform and is most commonly used for project and workflow collaboration.

  • Using the Raytheon Supply Chain Platform, Raytheon collaborates with suppliers on the end-to-end order management process. Working in RSCP, suppliers can respond to orders and MRP updates, create electronic shipment notifications, and electronic invoices. This information is sent directly to Raytheon’s back-end systems for more efficient processing and effective management of exceptions. 

  • Raytheon collaborates with suppliers on its procurement (sourcing) needs via SourcePass. Suppliers can respond to RFIs/RFPs/RFQs and participate in e-auctions within SourcePass. The response/bid information is sent directly to Raytheon’s backend systems for analysis, award of business, and issuing orders.

  • SecureForms focuses on providing Raytheon with the ability to invite suppliers to complete forms electronically which then become available to everyone at Raytheon. The system also ensures that suppliers cannot submit forms until all required forms have been completed.  It contains built-in data collection processes and workflows, automated features and services that allow Raytheon Users to continuously review and make future decisions on supplier relationships. 

  • Raytheon provides a supplier access to their critical information through the Raytheon Supplier Portal.  Suppliers can immediately access their own supplier ratings involving both quality and delivery, invoice statuses, as well as update their contact information.  The Supplier Portal also serves as the gateway to Shipping Smart, Secure Forms/Reps and Certs (CR003), as well as any necessary training guides on how to properly use these tools.  Lastly, these innovative web-based options were developed for suppliers to connect with Raytheon's networks, resources and professionals, and provide the secure tools and channels needed to enable fast, efficient and accurate information transactions. 

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